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April 11 – Be, Differently

positive affirmation


The way you are is the way you believe you are.

Change what you believe about yourself, and you change your life.

It’s easy to assume that you’ll always be stuck with how you are right now, but it’s short-sighted.  Your current perspective is powerful not only because our thoughts ARE powerful, but because you feel it with your whole being.

But your habits are your habits only because you keep choosing to maintain them. The limitations you assume yourself to have, are yours only because you continue to believe, support and defend those assumptions.

You can be differently. You can imagine a more fulfilled, effective and purposeful you.

Instead of spending all your thoughts and energy on your problems and frustrations, give some power and feeling to your dreams. Rather than conjuring up excuses for why you can’t live those dreams, visualize rich scenarios in which you are bringing them fully to life.

If you’re not completely satisfied with how you are, imagine differently. Intensely feel the beauty and joy of what you imagine, and steadily bring it to life.