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April 16 – Prayers for Boston from Rev Beckwith & M. Williamson

boston prayer, marianne williamson, rev beckwith

“As we are holding our brothers and sisters in prayer who were either maimed or killed in this latest act of violence, let us remember two things;

1- lets allow this event to be a catalyst for the activation of compassion in our hearts & souls & learn to live in the questions of “how can I serve? & “how can I help eliminate suffering”?

2- always remember that the All-good always wins and regardless of pin pricks of violence that are experienced by many on this planet the GOOD far exceeds the appearance of evil. Life always wins! Stay prayerful! Stay Grateful!
Peace. Dr Rev Michael Bernard Beckwith


Let’s all stop for a moment, close our eyes, and send love and peace to the city of Boston, and to all those affected in any way by the explosions at the Marathon. Simply tune in and send love from your heart to them. We send as well our peace and healing to the person or people who have done this, that they might be awakened to the Light within them and cease all harmful action NOW. Amen.

Dear God,
Please send Your angels to the city of Boston.
Heal all wounds,
Work miracles among the people
and calm their troubled hearts.

-Marianne Williamson