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Why We Seek

why we seek

Out of primordial not-knowing, a cloudburst. Thought appears, and possession begins. Not-knowing turns to “I don’t know” in a heartbeat, and now there is the illusion of a “person who doesn’t know”.

Is that who you really are? A person who doesn’t know?

And here, in this misidentification, the search of a lifetime begins. The “one who doesn’t know” seeks to become its own negation, the “one who knows”, assuming that freedom lies in that direction.

“One day, I will know…”

But the liberation we seek was there from the very beginning, prior to the “I don’t know”, in the impersonal not-knowing, the profound mystery that gives rise to universes. Absolute peace.

All the knowledge in the world won’t satisfy us. The weight of intellectual understanding even suffocates some. The books rot, the authority figures die, the clever words are forgotten, and we are brought to our knees in exhaustion, freefalling into the loving surrender of not knowing once again. It is as it was. Nothing except Here, Now, This.

Total simplicity.

-Jeff Foster