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We Are

Nikki Eisinger  | Founder nikki eisinger striefler

my core | All you have is now, enjoy it. Grateful to have grown up in a small town and to have seen the world.  Excessive love of all 4-legged creatures. Time spent indoors must be matched by equal time spent outdoors. Yoga on the beach. Surfing. Meditating. Beach cruisers.

my path | First job: newspaper delivery girl in Fargo (Minus 20 degrees, pitch-black afternoons, five feet of snow!)  Ice fishing. Snowmobile racing. Waterskiing before the ice was off the lake.  University of Minnesota.  Salvation Army PR Manager, MBA, U of St. Thomas.  Fortune 500 Advertising – McCann Erickson (Frankfurt, London, San Fran and NYC). Neighbor Agency, L.A.. Live Earth, Marketing Director (Al Gore’s Climate Change Awareness Initiative.)  Entrepreneur.

i’m good at | Understanding what you’re trying to say. Compassion. Following a map in a foreign country. Teaching & spreading the word. Practicing patience, even with twin toddlers. Relating to anyone. I’d have a good time at a Hootenanny in Minnesota or a Robatayaki in Tokyo.

what’s in a name? | Gladis is the name of an amazing 99 year old woman, my grandmother. I’m named after her mother. And one of my daughters is named after her.  She has lived every day of her life in gratitude and optimism, and inspired everyone she met along the way.   She has always been unstoppable, and this site is dedicated to her.

Kat Cowley |  Contributor/Writer/Editor who we are

my core | I love introducing people to themselves. All it takes is a little peep hole in a new perspective lens. I’m that peep hole.

my path | I lived in TN my whole life until the age of 27.  I had prayed for some sort of catalyst in my life and wouldn’t you know, divine timing did its thing.  I had a window of opportunity to head out to California and within 17 hours I had rented out my condo, sold all my furniture and made plans to cross-country whatever belongings would fit in my car.  It’s funny I’m from Nashville, because my life is like a crazy country song.  I’m like an open window.  I let whatever is in the breeze come my way, and look forward to what will roll my way next. Getting better at loving and learning from life everyday.

i’m good at | Starting random laugh outbursts.  Inventing road-trip games.  Conjuring interesting interview questions.  Cheering people up.  Tailgate games.  Writing things that turn your mental gears in another direction.

the dream | Traveling the world and a book in each country.  Also, getting schools around the world to launch “Uplifting Reflection” workshops for adolescent girls that focus on their inner beauty; giving them a concrete foundation for the rest of their glorious womanhood.


Kate Lemley | Content & Social Media who we are

my core | embrace the ever-changing qualities of life. find beauty in myself and others. dreamer. motivated. animal lover. nothing makes me happier than being outdoors on a sunny day. 

my path | Grew up in a small town – Placerville. Monterey. San Francisco. Los Angeles. Journalism major at San Francisco State turned video editing aficionado and fitness enthusiast. QC Video Specialist with Hulu. Always learning, growing, changing – excited for whatever is next. 

i’m good at | Smiling. Dreaming. Planning. Having a big heart and spreading the love. Running and yoga. Writing. Cooking. Hiking. 

i’ve been lucky to work with |People all around me who have shown me the way, taken chances on me and helped me find who I am constantly becoming. Wonderful companies like CBS and Hulu. 

Emma Hawley | Contributor who we are

my core | Continued attunement through regular Sahaj Marg practice: a form simplified of raja yoga meaning “Natural Path,” that has vastly transformed my inner world to find ease and simplicity in the daily flow. Here to facilitate inspiration, contemplation and nourishment.

my path | Growing up in a family of nurturing Christian Scientists, rooting me in the love of language and a thirst for the Divine. Playing as an actor and performer in LA has shown me the beautiful magic where preparedness and spontaneity merge into the sublime. Working in the yoga sector has illuminated the effective means of uniting industry with integrity.

i’m good at | Articulation. Assimilation. Buoyancy. Intuitive understanding. Wonder. Stoking inner fires.

gratitude | ”Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I’ve ever known.” -Chuck Palahniuk