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10 Reasons Kids Are the Best Teachers

Their bold ideas, wild creativity and unlimited optimism are just some of the characteristics our little ones freely display to us on a daily basis.  Here are 10 additional reasons to consider life with a child a continued learning experience:

1) Children embody “lightness”. They are not heavy with seriousness and rarely intense.  Life is a carefree breeze to be thoroughly enjoyed.

2) Children are present.  Like animals, children are not aware of the past, the future or consequences. Their attention, focus, and action is only in the “now.”

3) They BELIEVE.  And not just in the Tooth Fairy or Santa, but also in their own, personal power. They certainly can fly.  Why not? Of course they will grow up to be an astronaut.  Why wouldn’t they? They have not yet absorbed societal perceptions. No one has ruined bliss-based thinking for them yet.

4) Their love of PLAY.  One day I asked my daughter what the most special thing was about her “Papa”, and she said, “He just understands kids, mom. He knows all we really wanna do is play, and what’s wrong with that?”

5) FREEDOM.  Kids live a world where they are freely (and unapologetically) able to be themselves.  They tell it like it is. Sometimes it’s hard not to censor them. We move away from pointing out that someone is ‘fat’ by saying that they are ‘a bit unhealthy’.

6) Discovery.  EVERYTHING is interesting. Especially butterflies, flowers, dirt, sticks and rocks.  The world is a fascinating place and we often overlook its wonders.

7) Unbiased LOVE. It’s true that even an abused child loves their mother. Children are naturally empathetic and affectionate. Their unbridled honesty and unawareness of motives assures you their love is as authentic as it comes. They run to you with good news and trust you with their deepest fears.

8) Self-Value. Kids remind us we are perfect, worthy and special beings…just the way we are. They admire us so much, they desire more and more time with us. They are proud of us and remind us to have pride in ourselves.  Check out these infant twins who can’t wait to see their dad as he walks in the door:


9. Self-Awareness. Kids remind us to watch our intentions and actions because you never know who is innocently watching.

10. “Surprises” happen.  Children keep us in perspective that sometimes, life is unexpectedly messy.  You can either be angry and resentful about it, or find the underlying humor in it all.

BONUS learning experience  brought to you by a 9-year-old:

“The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see” -Alexandra Trenfor

We know you’ve got some great stories on how the children in your life enlighten you daily. Do share!


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