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2013 Man Of The Year, Russell Brand

russell brand, man of the year

As another global trip around the sun comes to an end, the media is full of 2013 end of year recaps, the best of this and the worst of that.

But to us there is only one trailblazer; one man made social media headlines time and time again with his insightful perspectives on spirituality and consciousness, love, God, fame and celebrity, culture, the media, politics, “dead religions,” feminism, the ego, quantum physics, global warming, and world economics…all without abandoning his passion and humor – and that man is Russell Brand.

For the spiritual and mindful community, if there were to be a man of the year,  it would have to him.  Through yoga and Transcendental Meditation, he has transformed himself into a one man force for change, for revolution if you will.  Brilliant, open and honest, he has found a way to use his gift (comedy and entertainment) to reach the masses with his message of revolutionary consciousness.

He is a master of the spoken word, delivering major criticisms and solutions for the world’s problems with such clarity and fearlessness, you know it’s coming from a higher source. Like a master musician, a great artist or an Olympic athlete, when he goes on air, he is ‘in the zone,’ in the flow of something greater than himself, and he delivers his punchlines with such inclusiveness (and with his trademark grin) that even the media he’s mocking are left humbled.

2013 is the year that Russell Brand really put himself out there, reached the youth en masse, encouraged people to open their minds, question the system, and to start a spiritual practice.   We salute you. Namaste, and Viva la Revolution!

Here’s a fantastic clip of the best of Russell, pure brilliance: