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5 Ways to Treat Your Valentine That Don’t Cost a Dime

couple holding hands

The season of love has arrived, whether or not you have recovered from your holiday spending or not.  While society may tell us jewelry, flowers and the wine and dine effect are the way to go, we have 5 easy ways you can treat your partner that will make a meaningful impact- and not impact your pocket.

1.  Pull out old photos and stick them all over your fridge.  What better surprise than to be getting your coffee and see Memory Lane right before you?  It will spark reminiscent conversations, laughs and leave you with a glow of gratitude as you head off for the day.

2.  Start doing a chore you know they dislike. Acts of service are the primary love language for many people.  Simply doing the laundry, taking the trash or cleaning out the car can leave your partner feeling less overwhelmed and pampered at the same time.

3.  Meditate together.  The saying “The couple that prays together, stays together” has validity.  When you make an effort to connect spiritually with one another, that strengthens your bond beyond physical world measures.  If it is your first time doing so, start out by making it personal.  Have each person make a list of three things they are grateful for in their counterpart.  Light candles, dim the lights and get your zen on.

4. Give a heartfelt compliment. Nothing cheesy here.  Simply think about something your partner has done that registers with you.  Maybe you’ve noticed they’ve been working really hard at work or been running the kids around a lot – tell them you notice and admire they’re go-get-em’ attitude.

5. Revert to childlike gift-giving. Found a four-leaf clover while walking the dog?  Couple it with a motivational quote and place on your partner’s nightstand.  You could also spell something sweet with cereal on the table before they make their way into the kitchen one morning.  Finding ways to use things that are already around is not only practical- it’s price efficient.

Really simmer on each suggestion and you will find you are not only giving your significant other a gift, but also gifting yourself the capacity to truly experience the layers of love that get the backseat on Valentine’s Day.

What is something “free” your partner has gifted you with that made a lasting impression?