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5 Ways to “Be in the Flow”

flow like a river

During a recent family road trip, my family and I discovered the heartfelt beauty of “being in the Flow.”  We drove over 2000 miles in five days as a family which would normally be stressful, at best.  But instead we managed to enjoy many different activities such as stunning hikes, and touring interesting architectural highlights in new and exciting cities.  The experience being of the Flow was continuous for us in cities like Palm Springs,  Scottsdale, Tucson, and a few points in between.

During our trip, we found ourselves experiencing being at the right place at the right time all the time.  In addition to having a good time.

One may question this experience of “always being at the right place at the right time.”  However, I knew what was happening.  I knew that my entire family and I were experiencing living in the Flow.  We were able to squeeze so much into a very tight schedule and felt stress free and fluid in each moment.  We lived in the moment.  We gave ourselves high fives, we met up with friends for dinner at the perfect time that worked for all of us.  We were flowing, and there weren’t any time for complaints.

The Flow is supporting you; just notice where your heart wants to move, not where your brain thinks you should.

I identified five qualities strategies that will help you to get into the Flow. You can use them on your next road trip, or even in your home or office:

  1. Pay attention to the body-self, sniff the air to see where to move, follow the flow of the body and identify with the flow of the body.  Use your “heart sense” or the right creative brain, rather than the usual busy overwhelming head sense of the left structural brain.
  2. Double-Bubble – We used the double-bubble flow to protect and guide us.  If you do not know this technique, it is a simple energy process to imagine a colorful bubble or double bubble of protective energy that encircles the car, gear, ideas or yourself.  We have used this lively method of energetic space shielding for years.  We believe it keeps us safe and in the right zone.
  3. Soft Plans – While on the trip, every day we made soft plans – by this I mean, we checked with each other daily to see what desired plans we each had in mind, then moved towards that goal.  At times, if we found we were doing too much or not flowing with ease, we made changes.  We felt okay with any changes that needed to be made. Over zealous egos dictating “we should, or we must do something” felt counter productive and heavy, thus were put aside.
  4. The Present – The Flow helped us remain in the present.  If we did not feel the need to cram another activity into our day, staying in the present helped us value the moments and embrace the present things we were engaged in.  Remaining in the present avoids the dreaded future thinking of “what should we do next”.  We just did what came naturally.
  5. Gratitude – During the trip we found ourselves speaking often on gratitude.  We were very grateful to be on the trip together.  We were gratefully enjoying each adventure we experienced as a family.  We were also very thankful for the flow we found ourselves in. This very conscious voicing of thanking the ‘powers that be’ continued assisting us and guide us throughout the trip.

Are you ready to step into the Flow? be in the flow

If so, check in and ask yourself: are you trying to solidly control the future from your present reality; are you letting your ego mind take over with an unachievable to do list; can you find new soft ways to be right here right now making a difference in your life?

It is a glorious and fulfilling journey when you are ready to shift from being stuck to flow – we will do it over and over.


About the Author:

Suzie Daggett is the producer of Seekers Central and the creator of Pearls, Words of Wisdom.