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A Letter from Your Soul for Your Last Day on Earth

If you are in a state in life where you are desperately wanting to be moved, have we got a post for you.  If you forever ignore anyone else’s advice and urgent pressing, do it after you make a permanent mental note of this soul grasping essay.  


When you swim with the stream, it is not difficult to maneuver, yes? But it is when you swim against the stream that you can grow stronger, brave new paths, and abolish apathetic acceptance of a muted life lived at half-steam.

I want you to know, and not just intellectually understand, but truly comprehend with your entire heart, that your life here on Earth is so utterly precious, so affectionately beautiful, and full of unlimited potential. You can be whoever you want to be, you can smash fear in the eyes and triumph over personal inhibitions, and you can live the life you’ve always dreamt about.

Life does not happen to you, as if you were a stationary ball in the center of the room, never moving lest some external force or pressure was exerted. You are life and you will make it however full or empty you want it to be.

Never mind others’ expectations of you. Never mind life’s formalities and/or societal and familial pressures to follow a tried-and-true way of living. Only you are responsible for you and your own happiness. Now’s the time to take full ownership for the actions or inactions you must take in order to make your life brazenly meaningful.


Trappings of our talented and free spirits are a travesty upon the human destiny. We love to battle one another endlessly over a minute sum of money, possessions and assets, an ‘eye for an eye’ tally sheet checklist always accounted for, doling out seething hatred and contempt over those who they believe have wronged them.

Man will eagerly bypass a stricken and dying climber in order to summit Mt. Everest, for being on top of the world far outweighs any human and moral obligation for the life of another person at his most loneliest and darkest hours. Taking responsibility for your life means you will uphold your inner standards to the utmost — and if those standards mean saving, or attempting to save, another man’s life rather than one of the biggest accomplishment and triumph of human proportions (or is it?) — let that stand firmly against the waves of dissonance.

Grudges are held for years, and even lifetimes, but at what cost? Our egos, our bloated heads, our reputation, this is not worth a lifetime of a heavy and weighted heart, bringing with us to our graves ill wishes upon another soul whom we just couldn’t have let go.

Complaints, excuses, and incessant bickering over trivialities show our true nature for who we really are. We are flawed, imperfect, selfish creatures but we are also capable of overcoming much more than that. Never giving ourselves the opportunity to, though, thereby nailing the final screw upon the coffin as we lay in it waiting to suffocate and die, is the supreme finale to an already doomed beginning.


I yearn for others’ self-awakening, for us to open our eyes to a world of possibilities. But because of blinding fear, barriers, and an ingrained mental thought that continually plagues our mind that this — this life we are living — is all there is to it, we do not lurch forward to a new life we could be living: one of our own making and choosing.

We are never assigned pre-determined, sealed roles in life, like a time capsule with no opening date given. We have the ability to change our paths, no matter how far we’ve come down the ‘wrong’ one, at any moment of our reckoning.

Your life, your happiness, your fulfillment, ought to be one of the driving forces for your even breathing here in this world. Merely grudgingly getting by with life in your mundane day-to-day routine is not living — you are only surviving.

Accepting unhappy circumstances without the pressing desire to change it is a death wish.

People are accustomed to a life with implied stability, false promises, and the tyrannical belief that fame, money, vanity, power and prestige triumphs all, when in fact, the sole pursuit of such external validations results in complete self-destruction. It is not a lack of intrinsic motivation that we ought to do our life’s work. It is when the work we do by means of exchanging our life energy towards it is executed with intentions of worldly — and mostly superficial — gains. These are not gains, in fact. These are demerits to your dying soul.


Kindred spirits I am happy to have known have quit their old way of life in order to live freely and with meaning.

Some have escaped domestic violence or sexual abuse. Some have stood up to extremely conservative parents so that their life is finally their own. Some have gotten out of poverty and homelessness, after losing everyone and everything around them, and have made a name for themselves through entrepreneurship. Some have stayed up night and day, learning a language not their own, in order to create a better life for their family elsewhere. Some have moved across the world to follow their hearts, which lay in the creative arts, not knowing whether this decision will end them or free them. Some have battled cancer and came out victorious and with a new perspective on life.

All have this in common: they faced their deepest and darkest fears because they knew if they didn’t, they’d be consigned to live in a state of constant bondage.

Face your fears and do not let a minute escape where you do not feel you are your own person. Change your situation so that you may change your circumstances, and do not fear to be your own truth. Everything you have ever gone through, everything you are going through, and everything you will go through, nothing is new under the rising sun. Know this truth and be not afraid. I cannot urge you enough that you realize this, my friend.

Life is that much sweeter when you are the one living in your skin. Don’t forsake yourself. Let not another day be gone without you in charge of the rest of your life.

-This post was originally featured by Nina Yau From Castles in the Air.  

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