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Best of Astrology for This Week’s Lunar Eclipse and Mercury’s Direct Motion

lunar eclipse

With Mercury going direct today, and full lunar eclipse happening on Wednesday, there is a lot going on, astrologically, to say the least. has compiled the best of advice and predictions from our favorite Astrologers to help guide you through this bumpy ride.

All of Astrology agrees that this is a very potent moon and the eclipse is a marker for deep change. It calls for us to celebrate, and to engage in physical life fully and appreciate every moment. This is a good moon to pray for what you want as it creates a window to manifest something of the heart, something new that you didn’t think you could achieve.

This moon launches the final stretch of preparation for a new cycle to begin. Between now and the winter solstice on December 21 is a crucial time of letting go, revisiting priorities, separating yourself from what is not in your best interest, and reaching for a higher vibration in all things. Think of this time as the final exams before graduating from whatever group of lessons we agreed to as represented in the current cycle.
The new cycle will be like starting a new school; a lot of unknowns and some degree of excitement, anxiety and uncertainty as well as a commitment to do your best. Meet it with enthusiasm and openness instead of fear. And be as prepared as possible.
 The full moon lunar eclipse will take place on Wednesday November 28, 2012 beginning at 7:14 am eastern standard time. It will be visible from Alaska, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia and many parts of Asia. The eclipse will arrive in Gemini at 7 degrees and focus on themes of duality, communication, and changes.

Below, Laura Hamilton reminds us of the significance of a blocking of the moon’s light and energy, and reminds us that moon’s move into Gemini brings forth communication as a central theme of the month.  Then Robert Wilkinson offers a deeper explanation for the energy present at the end of Mercury’s retrograde cycle, making us aware that it is a time to tune into a higher and deeper experience of life itself, seeing the end of one quest as an opening to begin some new form of self.

From Laura Hamilton, via Psychics Universe:

What Is A Lunar Eclipse?

Astronomy refers to an eclipse as blocking or darkening the light of a planetary body. A lunar eclipse occurs when the earth stands in-between the moon and the Sun, thus cutting off the Sun’s light to the moon. The moon is “eclipsed” out and temporarily covered in darkness.

Eclipses are usually momentous astrological events. People and things can also be “eclipsed” out of your life. Generally eclipses can bring surprises or make some sort of unexpected announcement in your life. They can be good or bad, but either way they are always for your growth.

Eclipses are usually momentous astrological events. People and things can also be “eclipsed” out of your life.

Lunar eclipses always occur at the full moon and signify endings. They also tend to be more emotional that solar eclipses. Astrologyzone founder Susan Miller refers to a lunar eclipse as a “full moon on steroids.” Any full moon themes will be magnified during a lunar eclipse.

What To Expect

This eclipse will focus on endings or culminations. Relationships may end or transform in some way. Projects that were started earlier this month or year will be coming to a close. Any plans that were initiated will also start to bear fruit. Endings are not necessarily negative; they can also be a time of change and rich rewards.

Since this lunar eclipse takes place in Gemini, all the characteristics of this sign will be highlighted for everyone. The sign of the twins will have us focused on duality, juggling multiple tasks, spontaneity and enhancing communication. Challenging aspects might include indecisiveness and fickleness.

Personal Influences

Aside from global events, this full moon lunar eclipse will show up in your personal life. While everyone’s individual chart is unique, there are some themes we call all relate to during this transit. Gemini rules communications so expect to be chatty during this period. You might end up having a good heart to heart conversation with a friend or family member. It’s a great opportunity to clear the air and put an end to old resentments.

If you are looking to end a relationship this transit may help you. Lunar eclipses give energy to endings and Gemini might help you find the right words to let go. However, be mindful of Gemini’s tendencies to speak too quickly. Strive to find balance in your communication.

Gemini’s twin forces may also have you juggling numerous activities in your life. You may feel extra pressure due to the upcoming winter holidays. You could be pulled in several directions or invited to multiple social gatherings. Spontaneous holiday parties are likely to happen and you might be buzzing from one event to the next. Expect lots of intelligent and witty conversation wherever you go!

In health related matters, Gemini rules the areas of the arms, shoulders and hands. Pay attention to these areas and watch for any build of up tension. Busy work and social obligations may show up as tightness or stress in these areas. Treat yourself to a massage or a nice manicure!

Embrace the opportunities of this latest transit. The full moon lunar eclipse can help you enhance your communication and transform your life!


From Robert Wilkinson, Via Aquarius Papers:

Mercury goes direct in motion Nov 26, 2:48 pm PST, 10:48 pm Greenwich, and speeds up for the next 10 weeks. This shows a quickening of the ability to coordinate, put things together, understand the whole and the parts, the process and the larger cycles.


At the end of this retrograde period, we find ourselves ready to fill a void with higher knowledge, awareness, and/or realizations.


We should get new insights into what opportunity, truths, and futures we awakened to…This is a time to tune into a higher and deeper experience of life itself, seeing the end of one quest as an opening to begin some new form of self-exhibition. As Mars and Pluto rule Mercury and they are conjunct, there will be tremendous mind power available to those who accept a discipline. Here our ability to attune to the angels, devas, and all the invisible world, from nature spirits to Masters, attracts a higher awareness or vaster experience.

This will be an extraordinarily favorable and productive time of attunement and alignment with the entire invisible world and the life forms helping humanity that can be contacted there. Set aside glamor, desire, ego attachments and push-pull power games, and this can be a time when we really become trained to manifest something deeper and higher than we have before now.

We’ve now had opportunities to reshape our desires and how we deal with loss or shared resources, and should have gotten new insights into what’s ended or needs to be eliminated in our lives so we can come to a freer, wiser, calm awareness. So now that we’ve done our rehearsals, reviews, revisions, and/or research on how we can coordinate the parts of this emerging process during the past 3 weeks, it’s again time to get it on!!!

Here we face the future, and do what we must to weave elements of that future into our current life and affairs. We continue to eliminate attitudes and interpretations no longer appropriate to our emerging process, and can see the interconnectedness of life as we find our unique place to doing our Being in a vaster field of activity.

We now begin to ride the edge of extremely dynamic change, finding new forms of demonstrating the power of our magnetism…

We’re now on the threshold of being able to know without thinking, directly experiencing communication rather than having to go through a linear evaluation of hearing and interpreting words. We can now gain higher awareness related to the old ‘skins of personality’ we’ve shed (Scorpio is known for ‘shedding skins’), as well as old ghosts from the past…

Open up and be receptive to higher awareness, higher knowledge, and a greater faith in your ability to know in ways you’ve never known before. This begins a deeper experiential method of weaving things together, and a deeper dedication toward integrating personality within a deeper Soul response. Purify, eliminate, regenerate your mind and ability to focus without distractions getting in the way. Concentrate to integrate, let go and leap into a new life adventure that’s already prepared for you.

We’ve just been through a clarifying period where many things have been reviewed to see what’s over, what needs to be over, and what needs to be regenerated to bring forth the higher awareness we’re already receiving, whether we know it or not. Something has been stabilized, and we can now move forward on the basis of the insights we’ve gained these past several weeks.


Things will speed up considerably for the next three months, so go for a new focused power freed from old considerations and attachments. Continue to adapt with efficiency and a sense of freedom, and get ready for further sacrifices over the next few weeks that will focus and expand your spiritual effectiveness.

Clear out your mind of its old concepts to purify your understanding… Let go of all you no longer need while bringing forth higher knowledge and awareness, and by studying the nature of the subconscious or unconscious mind and how these work, you can come to some powerful depth realizations.

Strange and interesting karmic kickbacks are indicated in this cosmic Mercury direct moment. Expect a firm quickening, a need for self-sufficiency and self-reliance, and remember that humor often provides objectivity when it’s most needed. Enjoy the role you were born to play, keep attuning to your invisible helpers, and ride this incredibly productive energy through this period of ‘time out of time.

 How will you celebrate or bring in the full moon and lunar eclipse?