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Bring in The Dawn of a New Era on December 21, 2012

new day dawning, dec 21, 2012

By Kellyrose Zuvuya

The night has been long and deep your slumber. Your dreams have been active, the subconscious mind has ruled your reality creating both your greatest fears and your biggest fantasies. Humanity’s collective unconscious thoughts and agreements have significantly influenced the direction of your energy and the course your life has taken. But now, with darkest part of the night giving way to the very first sign of light, you begin to awaken, perhaps a bit disoriented or groggy. It is early, in the wee hours of the morning, with only a kiss of illumination on the horizon. Most of the world around you remains fast asleep. It is quiet and an auspicious time to meditate, to receive your highest self, to align your conscious mind with your ability to act and to take fresh steps forward. This new light emerges slowly over many, many years, and you shall enjoy the waves of freshness and promise. It is the dawn of a new day, a new era.

Just as we go through cycles of day and night, so does the universe. Only instead of taking 24 hours it takes thousands of years to mark one complete day and night cycle. Acknowledged by the Mayan calendar, December 21st, 2012 is the end of one full cycle. It marks the completion of the night, the darkness, and the dawn of a new day. You have already begun to remember that you chose to be here precisely for this change in cycles. You made a promise to usher in the daylight hours and be, as author Barbara Marciniak wrote, ‘Bringers of the Dawn’.

You have been preparing for this ‘shift’ into the daylight for a long time. For many, it has meant multiple life times of cleaning up where you fell out of integrity with your divine Self: looking at where you gave your power away while trying to get your basic needs met, where you stepped into the illusion and immaturity of jealousy, greed, laziness, and how you attempted to avoid pain to obtain pleasure. You knew that the night would not last forever, and you have been learning how to stand in the presence of pain and step through it into the growth of your soul. You have been learning about the opportunities inherent in keeping your eyes wide open to your thoughts, words and actions. With this practice you have begun to reveal hidden aspects of your psyche that tried to hide from being seen for fear of rejection, abandonment, betrayal. You have been cultivating the courage to recognize the vision held by your bigger divine Self; and then cultivated even more to be compelled, pulled, by it to create something good on this planet as the rest of humanity begins to awaken from its collective slumber.

There have always been awakened beings on planet Earth, but this time we wake up together. With recent, horrific tragedies we are once again reminded that we must honestly face illness, violence and suffering. We are more connected than ever and what occurs in one small corner of the Earth ripples out to affect all of us. It is a time to become aware of what is really happening on planet Earth. We need to keep naming, talking and being honest about the issues that keep people asleep in suffering. And you especially need to remember who you really are so that you may become fully responsible for your power and choices to create your life – inevitably affecting the lives of others. It is time to bring the subconscious fears, misconceptions and falsities, held within the collective unconscious, to the illumination of the Great Sacred Sun within you – your God self, your big Self with a capital ‘S’, your true divine nature. And we need patience, lots of patience, as the grogginess of the slumber can pull us back to sleep, and many will stay asleep for a while yet, too afraid to fully awaken to their true self.

The dawn calls on us to make the changes we wish to see in the world personally, collectively, ceremonially, and practically. Take this Winter Solstice time to reflect on where you have been, where you are now and how you may want to put your energy into something meaningful for this planet. What will your legacy of awakening be?  A loving and honoring relationship with your self, more clear and loving relationship with your family and friends, a community offering of empowerment, sustainability or justice, changes to health care starting with your own, artistic creation that inspires your brothers and sisters to remember the light that dwells within them, a cultivation of kindness that lifts the veil of separation between self and other. These are just some of the ways we will usher in the dawn of this new era of awakening for the whole planet. We are doing this together now. May waves of pure, clean, divine love ripple through your heart and into the heart of humankind.

Do you feel the call of the new dawn? 


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About the author:
Kellyrose Zuvuya
Kellyrose Zuvuya is an energy psychology counselor, bio-energetic and sound healer, and channel. She has international practice based in Marina del Rey, CA where she works with clients both in person and long distance via phone/Skype. Kellyrose loves her healing work and also singing, composing music, practicing qi gong, spending time at the ocean and soaking in the sun.

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