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Energy Forecast: Loving the Feminine Road Less Travelled

While the month of June has flown by, this astrological forecast by Lee Harris of Lee Harris Energy caught our eye.   It’s a relevant message (predicted by many, for the year of 2012) that we wanted share.
Harris notes that for so long feminine energy, which represents nuture, creativity, heart-centered living and loving has been feared and suppressed. But increasingly, these qualities are being demonstrated more and more by both men and women, and he predicted that this energy would experience a surge in June.
Harris states that the shift isn’t about gender, but energy.  At a societal level we’ve been very male-led  - or run by an old male energy, which is losing it’s leadership right now. People (both men and women) leading with their male energy are burned out and bewildered. Our markets have collapsed from this energy.  The old male energy is dominated by fear of survival, the need to be in competition with others, seeking success, and greed/accumulation of material success at all costs.
Are you burning off the male shadow and brining in more feminine power?  Harris advises us to top competing and start nurturing – let the male energy fight and suffer it’s away out of you. Invite the growth of the feminine energy, surrender to feeling, be more aware of nature and our surroundings.   Plant new seeds, support heart and community building, connect with others in this flow.  Be present, allow love through your eyes to both give and receive.
Watch the video here:
Did you see or feel a shift starting in June?  How did you experience it?