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Who You Are You?

who am i

If that question has relevance to you in this moment, that’s a piece of information you have toward answering it. It might be a significant piece of information. It might reflect a quality of mind, a quality of ego. It may suggest something of your character. Or it may not.

Figure out who you are.

If that question has no meaning to you and in fact maybe makes you snicker a bit, that’s a piece of information you obviously have. That genuine reaction might suggest that you are the kind of person who feels firmly planted in the world and firmly implanted in a network that answers that question for you very clearly most everyday.

Figure out who you are.

Well, who are you? What do you love? What animates you? What brings you joy, makes you smile? What is the most exciting date in your calendar? What are you looking forward to? What brings you the greatest sense of satisfaction when you do it? What brings you peace? What enraptures you? What had you enraptured as a child?

Figure out who you are.

What are the nuts and bolts of what you love? Is it a doing thing: skiing, rowing, running, winning? Is it a people thing: loving, screwing, caring, wooing? Is it a being bloody brilliant thing: art-ing, creating, understanding, fixing? Is your magic done quietly or boldly, with prudence and meticulousness or with joie de vivre and fanfare? Is it done with someone else? Is it done for someone else? How do you do the voodoo that you do? What are the brass tacks of your golden touch? How do you bestow your blessing upon the world?

Figure out who you are.

Is there a universal quality to your fulfillment? Do other cultures have someone who does what you do, lives and loves as you do? Might the earliest people have held the same passion you do? Can you imagine their love flowing in a similar direction to yours today? Might they have wondered, fought or loved as you do? At your most foundational level, do you see your purpose reflected throughout Nature?

Figure out who you are.

Ancient themes draw us all into life. We are each wired for a certain form of nest-making, of expressing ourselves, of doing right, and of doing well. There’s a universal story in our lives and to the degree that we can understand its ancient mythos, to that extent, and no more, will we identify the monsters surrounding us, sniff the tragedies that might befall us, and own the superpower that it is our destiny to display.


About Gary Bobroff:
Gary is a Jungian-oriented psychotherapist in private practice with clients worldwide, he specializes in Archetypal Coaching, ending toxic relationships, and listening to the whispers of psyche in dream, sign and symbol see: His first book Crop Circles, Jung & the Re-Emergence of the Archetypal Feminine is being published by North Atlantic / Random House in 2014. See or on He is hosting a 6-part webinar on this topic beginning on January 19th with special guests Andrew Harvey, Suzanne Taylor and more.  Click here for more info:
His website is: You can follow Gary at or