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How to Form a Spiritual Mastermind Group

We’ve all heard the saying, “You’re only as good as the company you keep”.  With that thought in mind, think of the 5 people you most frequently surround yourself with.   If we’re honest, they are usually people that are readily or conveniently available, like co-workers, roommates, or classmates.  As our culture progresses in the digital world, personal interaction fades further into the background and it is important to reclaim time with loved ones and those we look up to, or who inspire us to be our best selves.

Trending in the socially conscious realm is the Mastermind Group. It is a diverse group of people who work together in harmony to help each other achieve personal or professional goals. Each participant contributes to the group while focusing on one member’s experiences and issues.

While a Mastermind Group works wonders in the business world, our spiritual realm can benefit from the pep rally, too. A Spiritual Mastermind Group recognizes the Divine Presence everywhere in whatever wisdom tradition makes sense to each individual participant. Members recognize Spirit in the form of affirmations, prayers, short meditations, or blessings throughout the meetings and provide spiritual support for any group member if they are in need. A Spiritual Mastermind Group usually discusses business and other issues, not just spirituality. It’s a wonderful balance of consciously creating what you want in conjunction with the Divine! A Spiritual Mastermind Group views their members as co-creators working together for health, healing, success, or anything else that provides meaning.

Ashley Turner is a psychotherapist who knows the benefits of a Spiritual Mastermind first-hand and offers us personal advice for building an intimate and strong network of spiritually oriented people who are passionate about personal growth.

Building Your Power Posse

by Ashley Turner

Somehow, sharing our stories, listening and feeling each others’ presence helps us feel awake and alive. We all struggle with similar challenges. We gain strength and feel good when we hear truth, offer an understanding nod, a quiet smile or thoughtful feedback.

Bottom line: We need to be seen, heard + felt. (everyday…people!)

Building a “POWER POSSE” will launch you towards your goals more quickly than almost anything else. When you build a solid support system you know you can rely on, the turbulence of life’s wild ride becomes much more manageable.

Who are your 2-3 most trusted friends? Who in your personal life inspires you? Is there an acquaintance you’ve wanted to spend more time with?

I first heard the term  ”Power Posse” from my soul sister and colleague Terri Cole“Power Posse” is a group of like minded individuals, seeking to better themselves, support and uplift each other by actively listening and offering honest feedback, encouragement, truth and unconditional love.

In business circles it’s called a “Mastermind Group”. In yoga it’s known as “Satsang” (sat = “truth”, sangha = “community”). Ancient tribes called is “holding council” or a “Moon Circle” – a group that helps you clarify and meet your goals, holds you accountable and provides that extra mojo when the going gets tough.


  1. Identify a core group of key influencers and trusted friends. Choose 1 – 4 other people who inspire you, who you have been wanting to get to know better, who are similarly committed to self-improvement (key word: committed). Ask them if they would be interested in meeting once a week, or once or twice a month.
  2. Commit to a consistent meeting time + place. (Every member of the group should be ready to commit and excited to build this circle.)
  3. At each meeting, have a grounding ritual (breathwork, short meditation, prayer, intention setting).
  4. Go around the circle once + allow each person to simply share what is going on for them, what’s “up” for them in their lives – personally, professionally… anything. Only the person holding the “talking stick” speaks. No advice, opinions or ‘fixing’ allowed. Just holding the space for everyone’s experience.
  5. After everyone has shared, ask if anyone would like feedback. If so, go around the circle again and offer honest feedback, suggestions, hold someone accountable for goals or desires they have previously stated.
  6. Ask any probing questions that might have been sparked for you as well.
  7. Brainstorm solutions to anyone’s problems (if they give permission). Use ‘group think’ to spark creative ideas and new insights. Good to have someone take notes for this one.
  8. Close by sealing in the energy with a short affirmation, prayer or ritual and offer the energy you have created up to the good of all.
  9. Don’t forget to celebrate! Fruit, chocolate, tea or a nice glass of wine are the perfect addendum.


* The best time to gather is the 3 days around the New Moon each month. This is the natural time of emptying out, simplifying, turning inward. The veil between the inner and outer worlds is thinned…more access to intuition and deeper truths. It also makes it simple to schedule a meeting at every New Moon.

* Avoid slipping into gossip or small talk. Keep to the ‘work’ of your group to sharing honestly, getting feedback, emotional support and insight.

* Keep your group small (3-5 is ideal) so everyone can share adequately.

* Everything held in strict confidentiality.

* You may prefer a weekly Skype session with a trusted friend or mentor. I meet every week with my colleague Terri Cole, not for professional planning, but for emotional support, venting, laughing and sharing. It’s one of my favorite hours of the week! (Good to do on a Monday and also known as “Self Care”!)

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Ashley Turner

Ashley Turner brings a fresh approach to yoga as a modern day psychotherapy intern with a soulful bent on celebrating the body’s wisdom and inner spirit.

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-Ashley also offers her Urban Priestess one day events all across the US – she has upcoming events in Chicago, Charlotte and Nashville, learn more about those classes and her other practices here.


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