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Living Your Life Purpose featured practitioner, Kelly Rose Zuvuya describes how she started out on her spiritual path and discovered her life purpose and offers some some great advice for uncovering your own soul’s purpose.

What nourishes you? I mean, really nourishes, deep down to the core of you. It isn’t the things we attain that feed us so completely, but instead the state of being we reach when our life resonates with what makes our hearts sing. Beyond the busyness of schedules and routines, family and social norms that tell you what you can or should do, your heart has its own call and this call has a purpose.

You have probably noticed this call to purpose is getting louder these days. There is a reason for that. Earth and humanity are in massive upheaval, a whole new paradigm of truth and empowerment is making its way down the birth canal. People are waking up to the sound of their heartbeat, looking around and saying, “There has got to be more to life than this!” Perhaps there has never been a better time to get focused, respond to the heart’s call, and live with purpose—your soul’s purpose.

Living your soul’s purpose is a job of courage, keen self-awareness, and faith in something you can’t quite see yet but have a deep sense will make you soar. It requires that you let the passion of your heart ignite, believe in its desire to create, and commit your self to the ups and the downs of the process. At times it may be downright confusing, painful or scary. You will want to learn to ride the waves, because it is so worth it.

I have been riding the waves of my soul’s purpose for nearly twenty years and helping others find and live theirs for nearly ten. I couldn’t possibly promise you a map of the process, as this is the uncharted terrain of your soul we are talking about. The very nature of the soul is to expand from the dark and fertile void into new arenas perhaps not yet even imaginable. What I can offer you are some guideposts that will help keep you on course even through the strange and moonless nights. Remember, in the black of the new moon sits the potential for a fresh cycle of creation. As long as you are allowing your soul’s purpose to lead, you will make it back into the light even bigger and brighter than before.

Your Longings Are The Doorway

I remember when I first really got in touch with two of my core soul longings. I was in a sort of directionless period of my life, trying to find my way, and looking for some kind of clue as to what in the world would make me feel fulfilled, abundant and purposeful. I was watching Oprah and she was doing a show on “What would you do or be if you knew you would not fail?” She encouraged the audience to make a list of all of those things. There was something very liberating for me to consider my life in the absence of self doubt. I had two biggies: to be a healer and a vocal performer. They just spilled out of me onto the paper. In black and white, I had acknowledged my longings. I really had no clue what that would look like or how in the world I would accomplish it but as I gave myself permission to name them, I could feel the massive desire behind both of these visions.

In that moment of allowing myself to dream big with no limitation of failure in my way, I realized that these longings felt almost epic, as though I had been carrying them with me for a long time and had just never given myself permission to feel them. It was like I had just discovered some ancient secret to which I held the key. It was very exciting and hopeful. I began to think in long-run terms while I focused on asking questions, getting curious about how, what, where and when, and then allowing the mysterious ways of my soul and the universe to guide me on.

I remember when I first got the catalog in the mail for the Barbara Brennan School of Healing where I received my diploma in Healing Science, I sat on the kitchen floor and cried. I had finally found my path and the tears were both a relief and a huge release of grief around missing it for so long.

Whenever someone comes to my healing practice to discover their soul’s purpose, the first thing I want to know is what they long for. What are the things they have not yet fulfilled but their heart yearns to experience. Everyone has at least one unfulfilled longing that they would experience if they could do or be anything. You may have buried yours way down below the piles of laundry, the list of errands, the needs of your partner, your children and friends. But you should know that these longings are the sacred doorway to your purpose, so you will need to start removing the clutter so you can make contact with them again.

For some people it can be scary to feel the life force of your longing pulsing through your heart and body—especially if you have spent a lifetime trying to cover it up. In fact, the sheer energy that comes with your soul’s purpose may be the very reason you have buried it. It might feel overwhelmingly huge or beyond your capabilities to accomplish, or it might feel too different from what everyone else is doing. Fear of failure, as Oprah had identified, is just one of the many fears I have watched people uncover as they step into the fulfillment of their longings. But here’s what I know: you would not have been given a longing without the purpose to command it, and you would not have been given a purpose without the gifts to fulfill it. You may need some help to get in touch with or to refine your gifts, or to strengthen your resolve to see the creation process through, but I can assure you, it is all there inside.

Prepare To Get Bigger – Leaving The Tribe

The first thing to know when you get in touch with the energy of your longing is that it is meant to take you beyond the familiar definitions of life. It is meant to stretch you. You will feel the primary impact of this stretching around your sense of safety, security, love, acceptance, and respect. You will probably wonder: will I still be secure financially, accepted by my peers, family and friends, and will I still belong to something larger if I go for what I long to experience? Even if it is not a conscious question it will certainly be triggered deep within your subconscious.

These are basic human needs and the fear that they may not be met is the biggest reason many people never expand beyond the scripted roles and identities of our families and social norms. I was blessed in that my family embraced my visions and plans with open arms. But, later on my path of soul purpose, after graduating from healing school and building both a private and a group healing and channeling practice, I made the decision to expand my business. It was time to take it to the next level. I had been in a 6 year relationship and I had no conscious idea that it could not sustain this new level of professional growth. As I stepped into the next phase of my life’s work, my relationship ended abruptly and painfully. No wonder I had some fears around getting bigger professionally! I am sure that even though I could not identify it, subconsciously I was aware that the partnership had reached its limit, especially because I was bound for greater clarity, empowerment and abundance. In this subconscious sensing, there was fear that I would not be safe, loved or provided for if I stepped fully into my power. Though we know that is not logical or rational, it is what the child aspect of our consciousness feels as true because many of us made that conclusion based on our childhood experiences.

After my life crumbled apart, and a period of disorientation and confusion cleared, I awoke to find that my soul had guided me right into the arms of true friends and loving family. One of my classmates from school lived in Hawaii and invited me to stay with her for a while. I took her up on the offer and found myself now living in the heart of the “Healing Island” with an expanded international private and group practice. Twice a month I use my vocals to impart healing via conference call to people all over the world. I also began the most empowering and loving relationship I have ever known with a partner that truly respects and reflects my gifts and the work I do in the world.

My previous life falling apart was actually my current life coming together to create a resonance with my heart and soul for which I had been yearning for at least a lifetime. Through this journey it became astonishingly clear how important it is to be anchored internally to the sense of self-trust, self love and self respect. Without this, it is easy to depend on others for your validation and your basic needs, which can actually keep you from making the healthy and authentic choices for your highest potential.

The fact is, to your inner child consciousness, expanding beyond the familiar can feel like leaving your tribe. When I work with clients around this dynamic I transmit the energetic frequencies of trust, acceptance and respect into their nervous system, especially the Limbic brain, which is responsible for bonding. This can dramatically shift the way a person feels about moving forward. You can help do this for yourself by affirming that: it is safe to fulfill your longing, you love and accept yourself just as you are, and you respect the divine inspiration that is flowing through you. It is also really important to surround yourself with people who are also living their soul’s purpose—they will reflect the safety, acceptance and respect you need to see.

The cornerstones of your foundation for a soul purpose-driven life are self trust, self appreciation and self respect. They will keep you clear and on track while you follow the sometimes cryptic and often non-linear movement of your soul’s expansion. If you are rooted in trust, value and a sense of belonging, then whatever comes your way as you open to the changes that your purpose brings, you will be carried onward by its inevitable current into vast expanses of love, synchronicity and abundance.

Over the years of following the path of my soul’s purpose, I have often felt like a sunflower following the sun. Sometimes I can see and feel it quite clearly, ablaze overhead, a beacon of joy, while other times the cloud cover is dense and in the dark haze I must resource my faith.

Because, whatever the change in weather, I have always intrinsically known that it was there.

You will need to wake up to and embrace that truth fully if you are going to follow your soul’s purpose. Your source for what truly, deeply nourishes you may not always be obvious. It may be covered or hidden, and you may twist and turn as you aim to feel the warmth of your longing shining its light through the center of your heart and into your life. But it is there, and as you develop that intuitive certainty you will you will find your way, in your own unique way- I can promise you that.

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Are you living your soul’s purpose?  How and when did you know?  Share how you found your path below!  Or, pose your questions to Kellyrose below.


Kellyrose Zuvuya

Kellyrose Zuvuya is an energy psychology counselor, bio-energetic and sound healer, and channel. She has international practice based in Marina del Rey, CA where she works with clients both in person and long distance via phone/Skype. Kellyrose loves her healing work and also singing, composing music, practicing qi gong, spending time at the ocean and soaking in the sun.