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Let’s Get Planetary. Sunday’s Super New Moon and Solar Eclipse!

Super New Moon Eclipse

All the science and astrology you need to know – from how to view it and what they cosmic mystics say.

An annular eclipse will dazzle the Pacific Ocean on Sunday (Monday in Asia); beginning at dawn for China and Japan, ending at sunset for western U.S. states — marching from the Oregon and Northern California coast to Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas.

U.S. eclipse watchers are in for a rare celestial treat today when the moon blots out most of the sun to create dazzling “ring of fire” solar eclipse. The path will be seen from locations such as Medford, Oregon; Chico, California; Reno, Nevada; St. George, Utah; Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Lubbock, Texas, according to The whole event will begin in the U.S. from 5:30 p.m. PST and last for around 2 hours.  Unfortunately for eastern U.S. states, the eclipse will occur after sunset, hence the focus on the West Coast.

Today’s eclipse is the first of its kind to be widely visible from much of the United States since 1994. Annular eclipses only occur when the moon is at a point in its orbit that is too far from Earth to completely block the sun’s disk. The result is a  ring-like, or annulus, effect that will be visible to observers lucky enough to be in the path of the eclipse’s shadow.  The moon will block up to 94 percent of the sun’s disc and last about 4 1/2 minutes for skywatchers inside a 186-mile-wide (300-kilometer) track.

Of course, you can’t look directly at the eclipse or you’ll risk damaging your eyes. There are plenty of videos on how to create a home-made viewer – or, The National Park Service is providing a Webcast of the Solar Eclipse from Petroglyph National Monument in Albuquerque, N.M. They are also posting a highlights video after the live portion of the eclipse coverage ends.  National Park Service photographers are also taking pictures and video of the solar eclipse live and are posting them to the National Park Service Flickr page

Live Webcast here:

Photos will also be posted to their Facebook Page:

Electronics company Panasonic will also broadcast live eclipse footage from the top of Japan’s iconic Mt. Fuji,  The broadcast crew will scale the 12,390-foot (3,776-meter) peak with the aid of climbing guides. Panasonic’s feed can be found below:

And for the mystics out there, Astrologists say that this eclipse and solar-lunar rendezvous is a potent and meaningful one. While eclipses were often feared by our ancestors because they didn’t understand the science, math and stellar geometry behind such occurrences, todays astronomers believe you are being galvanized to take several leaps forward in your consciousness and your main areas of expertise as well as in favorite hobbies.  Below is an excerpt from Dr Michael Lennox, a L.A.  - based dream interpreter and astrologist:

However, an eclipse is a very definite event. While the beam is broken and the shadow of the Moon passes over the Earth, an actual change is taking place right then. The interruption in the constant flow of light from the Sun to the Moon is a lot like powering down your computer. When you power back up again, all the software (read = all the new ways of being in the world, new thought patterns, new expressions of consciousness) that you have recently downloaded now become fully available for you to use.Given the enormity of such a moment, it behooves us to be in a place of stillness when this is occurring in order to take full advantage of the opportunities at hand without the distractions of your chaotic mind being involved. The exact time of the eclipse is Sunday, May 20th at 4:46pm PDT. For my UK friends, you may be sleeping while the eclipse is happening. Not to worry, as sleep is a great state to receive the energies of an eclipse, so do your prep before bedtime. For those of you who are awake for this, simply be in a meditative, receptive state for about ten minutes before the peak of the eclipse and about ten minutes after.


This is a New Moon and as such it is a seed planting moment. The best way to prepare for this is to have a sense of what you desire to draw into your experience. If you have been following my posts, then you are likely to be well aware of the ways in which your Heart is calling you. This is definitely a moment to trust that the work you have been doing has been exactly right. Do not over-think this and do not second guess yourself. In fact, if nothing else, allow your preparation to be the mantra, “I am grounded and centered in my Heart. I am the perfect giver and receiver of Love.” Have faith that the cultivation has been done and allow the changes you have been busy making to now be made manifest in your consciousness.


If you need a review of the themes that are being expressed at this time, re-read the previous few articles on Venus and her retrograde cycle. The short version is that we are dropping more deeply into our Hearts than ever before. The possibility that is on the table is for healing duality and separation in unprecedented ways. The preparation has been to identify the ways in which you are still feeling split between living in the Heart and letting your Head dictate your experience. You have a few more days to do some exploration about how this phenomenon is holding you back.


Since Gemini rules words and communication, a little writing may be in order. Consider sitting down and writing yourself a love letter extolling the virtues of what it is like to be in a relationship with yourself. Take the opportunity to also let yourself know just how you could improve your own love life in the holiest of holy relationships, the one you have with the Divine. The more intimate you can be with yourself right now, that much more profoundly will intimacy begin to show up in your life. You ARE the beloved in which the Father/Mother God is very well pleased. Now start treating yourself like you actually believed that. The moment for profound Love has arrived. Have at it.

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