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Miracles: Happening Now In Your Presence

You live Now. You live in the present, You always do. There is no other way to in the now

Those who are not Alive are asleep – numbed to the infinite unfolding experience, vast and fecund and rife with vibration. Life happens upon them. They cry out as victims to circumstance, bemoaning the happening, pushing it away. Resistance creates atrophy. Atrophy begets death.

Anyone who is suffering does so by attempting to push themselves to exist somewhere other than fully present in Now, fixating on a Then – the past or the future. This fixation pulls them through the spiral of time space into an energetic torsion. By holding on to a time space other than Now, they unwittingly hurt themselves, like strapping into a torture rack, the ends of which being ever-increasing distances of time. This attachment to another time space is the basis of suffering.

When we can let go of these other time spaces and just Be Here Now, suffering ceases. Any pain we experience becomes merely sensation, vibration. Because the experience of pain merely Is. Suffering while experiencing pain is projecting pain onto the future. This prophetic projection is irrelevant, because it’s accuracy is unreliable.

Our brains are good at extrapolation, and that can be a very useful function. Monkey see, monkey do. Human see, human learn what to do instead to align to preferred outcome. The extrapolation into the future based on recognition of past outcome is a useful human capacity. But the forecast is just that – a casting into the future that which happened before. This statistical inference is solely based on patterned data of past occurrences – not presence to what’s happening Now.

The good news is, the universe is vastly more intricate than we could ever fully predict the potentiality of. Even though likelihoods have proven reliable in the past they will continually hold little relevance to the present. This is how so-called miracles happen.

The antidote to suffering? Watch and allow. This is the “witness consciousness” we are told of. It says, “oh, this is happening. Okay. Let’s see what happens next.” It is accepting what is and allowing what unfolds.  Any practice that cultivates both awareness and equanimity strengthens this ability.

Some suspect this witnessing would prove quite boring indeed and rail that passivity implies lack of volition or creates subjugation. Quite to the contrary, the only powerlessness lies in habituated reaction. True action comes from observation of experience, acceptance of it and alignment to the harmony that Is this ability.

This lack of choice in action is what some people refer to as fate. Others call it the existential dilemma. In one way, fate is the unconscious reaction that perpetuates life patterns and circumstance. This circumstance has been dubbed the ill-fated life, and is the fuel for any form of pessimism.

Yet another kind of fate exists. It is the only true choice – the choice of that which aligns. Any other choice is reaction, and leads to suffering. The illusion of choices is a prison. There is only one choice – that which aligns, or that which does not align.

Sometimes making the “wrong” choice, as in any choice that does not align to our most essential self, is useful. We learn by experience. Just as a parent might have a child they caught smoking sit and smoke the whole pack to deter their interest in the habit, sometimes we choose things that help us distinguish what we know we ultimately don’t want but have to find out for ourselves in order to choose otherwise the next time the choice is offered. Sometimes this is completely unnecessary – why would I choose to eat a handful of dirt?

This approach can be useful to an extent, especially when experienced with awareness. Otherwise, addictions form and perpetuate until the awareness coupled with its sister wing, equanimity, overrides the habit.

That is all there Is. That which Is and how we choose to relate to it – how we choose to Live.
Guest Columnist: Emma Hawley
Since childhood, Emma Hawley has always asked the “million dollar questions.” She grew up in a family of thinkers and always found her comfort zone outside the box. Since graduating valedictorian of her class at UCLA,  she has found her footing in Los Angeles’  wealth of consciously oriented communities. Emma’s respite is in her daily Sahaj Marg sadhana: a form simplified of raja yoga meaning “Natural Path,” that has vastly transformed her inner world. Check out some of her musings on her personal blog, Spark in the Husk. Catch her tweets at @sparkinthehusk.