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Mother Medicine, A Manifesto and World Music Project

Mother Medicine

Mother Medicine World Music Project is a collaboration of the illustrious and dynamic vocal and musical talent of a group of L.A.-based musicians, yoga teachers, healers and performance artists on a mission. If you haven’t listened to their CD and allowed yourself to sing along and be lifted to bliss, we encourage you to download it now, not only to embolden your own healing, but to support the CD’s greater goal of cultivating and reclaiming the sacred feminine energy the world is sorely lacking.

Mother Medicine fuses traditional chanting of the sacred names of the Divine Feminine Goddesses and mantras with tribal drumming and taps into the powerful healing vibrations of kirtan. The sound is a modern and urban blend of chanting with international earth based dance rhythms to inspire sacred dance. By singing names of the Goddesses, who represent the qualities of mothers, lovers, warriors and jokesters, Mother Medicine awakens the energy for deep healing and cultivate acceptance for ourselves and each other.

These chants began in India with Psalm Isadora and her nonprofit organization, Courage to Rise, with groups of women sitting on dirt or concrete floors. The only instruments were the clapping of hands. When Psalm brought these chants back to her classes in the U.S., one of her students, Kathryn Green, started to sing these chants while playing the African hand drum called a djembe. The music and yoga caught on as more and more students starting requesting it.

The group became official when in a 2011 Women’s Leadership Training in Santa Monica, a local yoga teacher and musician, Gigi Yogini, encouraged Psalm and Katy to record the songs they were singing to share with a larger audience. As a result, Mother Medicine was born, and the CD was created to benefit the mother organization Courage to Rise.  The powerful restorative blessings of gathering and chanting were apparent. Gigi and Katy continued to collaborate in writing new songs together and have been featured in a variety of yoga festivals and host a monthly kirtan at Bhakti Yoga Shala in Santa Monica.

Courage to Rise and Mother Medicine’s mission is to empower women to be the medicine for the world.  Courage to Rise is a non-profit organization that empowers women to become healers and yoga teachers in their communities so that they can awaken to their value and power and teach more women to heal.  Mother Medicine founder Psalm Isadora travels to the red light district of Kolkata, India to teach yoga to sex workers with the proceeds from the sale of this album. In February of 2011, they successfully trained Pinky, a young woman who continues to teach weekly classes to 50 sex workers in Kolkata.

Read more about this story and the incredible work of Courage to Rise here.


Our favorite track to invoke the healing vibrations of kirtan at home is “Devi Ma.” (Available on the CD.)   We think you’ll also enjoy this video featuring clips of both the group and women they have helped in Kolkata. Titled “Existence” it is the only english language / traditional song on the CD, but  a wonderful way to experience this melodic movement:


Women, Be the Medicine for the world.
It is time for us to rise, to heal ourselves and empower each other. For too long the feminine energy has been repressed and that has caused imbalance and suffering in our own bodies and the world. We have done some of this harm to ourselves. We have the tools through yoga, transformational breath work and ritual to heal emotional wounds blocking our power and reclaim the sacred feminine energy that lives in our bodies. It is our mission to come together in circles of women, to do the powerful practices and witness each others stories so we can heal, empower and create our soul’s purpose in this world. We rise together, we lift each other up in our empowerment, we heal the sacred hoop of life through reclaiming our power.

For more information, and a longer version of their story, visit their website:

If you live in the L.A. area, experience the bliss of a night of live Mother Medicine at Bhakti Shala Yoga – the 4th Friday of every month. (Check calendar for details and confirmation.)

Mother Medicine CDIf you would like to support the Mother Medicine World Music Project and, purchase their CD in our Amazon store.