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New Years Wishes

new years prayer

Dear Readers of,

We’d like to take these last moments of 2013 to thank you for being a part of our community.

We appreciate you coming here, sharing your thoughts and anecdotes of your spiritual journey, and we are grateful for your support and kind words.  It’s wonderful to be amongst you, this tribe of people who are creating what some call a great ‘shift’ or a greater awareness of our connection and unique and mysterious humanness.

Our New Years Wishes:

May the newness of this year be present each morning when the sun rises.  May the sun bring you lightness in every part of your life.  And may you also find peace and curiosity in the darkness.

May your New Year be filled with strength, love and compassion.  And when, in the moments where you may think you lack those comforts, may you accept it with grace and positive surrender for all that the present has to offer.

May you stumble and fall into the beauty of an awakened awareness of all that you are….a mystery.

And may peace prevail in your heart, and on our Mother Earth.

Cheers, to another wonderful beginning, 2014.
-Nikki and the team