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Round The Clock Happiness With Pharrell Williams

pharell cries on oprah

Editor’s update to this story: (By now you’ve all heard the song, which is still below, in case you were under a rock or something.) After watching a montage of fan-made videos to his No. 1 hit “Happy” during his interview on Oprah Prime, Pharrell wept happy tears. And when he finally pulled himself together, he explained, “It’s overwhelming, because it’s like I love what I do, and I just appreciate the fact that people have believed in me for so long that I could make it to this point to feel that.”

A super star with humility today. Could he be even more likable?  Here’s the Oprah clip:


As if sweeping up at the Grammys wasn’t enough, the uber talented Pharrell Williams  has launched the “first ever 24 hour music video” called “Happy.”  An ingenious interactive work, it moves through the day in real time, following a cast of hundreds of quirky people, a few celebrities and Mr. Williams, as they dance through Los Angeles. The website and video quickly became a viral hit, with over 6.8 million views on its dedicated site, and a reputation as a surefire mood booster.

The 24 hour film took 11 days to shoot, and starts to play at a time that corresponds to the clock on viewers’ computers. From there, viewers can watch it chronologically or scroll around a clock face to see, say, Steve Carell, a B-boy and modern dancer bouncing off the pumps at a gas station at half-past midnight, or Magic Johnson grooving in his home trophy room at 5:38 a.m.

“Come Along if you think that happiness is the truth.”

Here’s the 4-minute edit of a 24 hours of happiness:


And, if you’ve got a whole day to dedicate to happiness, will take you take you there.