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Scarcity: What you Fear, You Have Already Lost

The Scarcity Complex:

The scarcity complex is the definition and belief that there is a finite amount of energy, money, health, relationship, love etc. to go around and if you have an abundance of it, it means someone else goes without. Or if someone else has what you believe to be more than their share, then you go without.  We must stop and ask ourselves where this thought came from. Wherever it came from, it needs to go the way of all old patterns that no longer serve. We must shift to a mindset of faith and abundance.

The truth is there is an infinite amount of source.  What perpetuates your belief is only your attachment to something you manifested. And because you believe it is the best you can do, you fear losing it and ending up with nothing.  If you believe it, it will be so.  You have already lost “it”.  We must stretch outside of that untruth and begin to experience the infinite possibilities of infinite source.

Build a Foundation for Abundance:  We all need support but many of us look for and expect support from the wrong people and the wrong places. Anyone who has a limited view of the power of manifesting and those who have a strong mind set about who you are, what you are capable of, what you should have or not have, are not good prospects for support.  Support yourself first. Build a strong inner relationship within yourself first. Work on your own beliefs and intentions. Then see who or what shows up to support that. You may be surprised. They probably won’t be the ones who are closest to you.

Remember to work with the concept of magic and miracles and all possibilities.  The challenge will be dealing with all the doubt, negative thoughts and whatever else comes up around this issue of what and how you manifest. Remember that when stuff comes up and you are facing some of your “not-so-fun” manifestations, that you have the power to change, transform, eliminate and shift.