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Sister Giant – We Were There

sister giant pictures

Right after the election, we wrote about how women are bringing in a new period of political enlightment.¬† On November 10,¬† and friends Jaquelyn Richey (ChakWave) and Elizabeth Yochim (Participlay) attended Marianne Williamson’s Sister Giant in Los Angeles. We were so inspired by the movement that Marianne calls “Soul Force,” and by the women and men taking part in the day (at the live event, through streaming, or in social media) that we felt moved to put together this recap. Whether you call it New Feminism, Soul Force, or the Rise of the Feminine – there is a definite energy behind this movement and we’re excited to see what the future holds.

Bear with us for the technical issues with the sound in the beginning – the information is powerful!
To Sisterhood and the feminine rising!
Were you there? What did you experience? Please share!