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Strange Brew – The Mysterious Intelligence of Ayahuasca

ayahuasca trip

Guest writer/blogger Nicole Doherty is a certified yoga instructor and wellness coach.

Ayahuasca, the mysterious Amazonian healing vine, inspires Nicole’s holistic approach to helping
her clients experience the
healing wisdom of their body/mind/spirit…

Amazonian shamans use plant medicines like Ayahuasca to clear the mind and body on a physical and energetic level. Given that we all have distinct pasts, experiences, ancestry and karma to handle, plant medicine healing is an experiential journey that is unique to each individual. What each experience has in common is a movement toward higher consciousness that is undeniable and universal in its truth.

Ayahuasca is a very powerful plant medicine also known as a purgative. In ceremony, it is drank as a tea, and because it has powerful substances which assist one’s natural serotonin, it allows the neurons to fire more rapidly. But Ayahuasca is, uniquely, both a serotonin and dopamine antagonist at the same time, which allows one’s receptors to be uninhibited – free to explore other consciousnesses.  Allowing one’s thinking to be more ‘free’ gives you the opportunity to accept the information and experience you are having without filtration and evaluation. Basically, it is a hypnotic state that renders you more open to suggestion and less likely to critically evaluate the experience and information we have trained our brains to ‘process’.

This medicine has the potential to remove emotional blockages that lie deep within the body, without side effects or any chance of addiction to the medicine. Whether instantaneously or gradually, there is a realization of our interconnectedness, our drive to be happy and free, our desire to live through the heart and quiet the distortions of the mind.  Some have claimed that it can cure addiction or depression in a single sitting.

There is a wonderful book about the field of visionary plant medicine called Visionary Plant Consciousness, The Shamanic Teachings of the Plant World, by JP Harpingnies. This book contains various excerpts on this subject through the eyes of seasoned explorers such as Terence McKenna, Dennis McKenna, Alex Grey and more.

In researching the world of plant medicine I found the depth and history of the work fascinating. The Western world is so new in comparison to these historical practices. In reading about the teachings of the Amazonian shamans and participating in these rituals, it occurred to me that we have become very egocentric because of Western medicine’s advances. As a result, we have forgotten our origins, how we first learned of medicine, and what was working for us naturally. We have become removed from nature, from our land, and from the abundant resources available in places such as the Amazon.

“Plant life has been here for 1.4 billion years. Human beings have been on this planet for 2 million years. Western Science is only 600 years old. There is enormous wisdom in biology and we must become able to tap into that, articulate it, and activate it.”

What strikes me is how young we are relative to plants. It posed a question in my mind. “Is it possible that we know more than plants, or do they actually know more than us?” If you participate in the rituals of plant medicine, you begin to understand that a symbiotic relationship between plant and man is guided by an even higher intelligence.

“Plants are seemingly stationary, yet they have extreme molecular intelligence. Evolution is dynamic and creative and these organisms are adapting and devising ways through biology to not only keep every living thing on this earth alive, but they manipulate the environment through chemicals to attract or detract all these beings through the chemicals they produce. Plants photosynthesize – take sun, carbon dioxide and minerals from basic elements and transform them to complex organic compounds that are Universal to all organisms on Earth (proteins, lipids, etc). Plants can´t move so they substitute biosynthesis, chemical ability for behavior. They use an enormous elaborate array of chemical compounds to achieve their goals. Plants developed neurotransmitter type molecules long before there were nervous systems to interact with and these chemicals have extraordinary capacities to be internal signaling mechanisms within the brain.”

Perhaps you question the intelligence of plant life. Just because they are stationery and don’t communicate in the ways that we do, doesn’t mean they lack conscious, cosmic intelligence. There are elaborate systems of communication among plant life.

It is my belief that plants are conduits and channels of Gaia consciousness. When experiencing plant medicine you gain access to the spirit of this intelligence. You begin to understand that there is great knowledge beyond our logical thinking mind and a love energy that resonates in all life. You understand how important it is for humanity to heal for the evolution and salvation of the planet.

I believe that my travels around the world and my long-term practice of yoga are what opened my mind to understanding the importance of other cultures and their intelligence and bond with Nature. The vedic texts, followed by yogis, are some of the oldest texts in humanity. Their messages are powerful and people in the Western culture have only woke up to their power in the last decade. Yoga is now a billion dollar industry. Through yoga and other ancient healing arts, we have seen positive shifts and an energetic increase in vibration around the planet. It’s time to revisit indigenous cultures connected to the Earth and listen instead of shutting them down by our egoistic Western way of thinking.

“Science is an accumulation of information that allows you to frame more questions, but you should never come to the point at which you think you have it all figured out.”

The vedic texts described the use of soma, an entheogenic potion, used to experience divine reality. The Amazonian shamans use ayahuasca. The Native American Indians use peyote. Humans have been using plants to access spirit consciousness for centuries. They use plants to connect spiritually to the Earth with reverence and guidance, making decisions from the heart.

Shamans in the Amazon are doctors. These healers sit for months to years in silence in the Amazon jungle dieting on the various plants that they want to work with very much like a doctor doing rounds in residency at a hospital. Through ingesting the plants and consuming a very minimal diet, they listen to the messages they receive and learn. After they receive, they are able to channel the energetic life force of these plant doctors.   In such a ceremony, it is beautiful to sit across from an 80 year old grandmother, shaman and messenger singing into your heart the messages, guidance and love of her plant doctor partners. Their songs, or icaros, raise your frequency by altering your energetic patterns through vibration, sound and tone, similar to an OM vibration in yoga. Sound and music are amazing healing tools. ayahuasca plant

You may decide to experience plant medicine or you may wish to keep your distance out of fear of the unknown. Either way, it is important to understand that everything on this planet is made of one love energy. All life on this planet is connected. All life on the Earth has gaian intelligence.

Our actions affect the whole. We share the planet with a variety of life forms and we need to be conscious of this. If we are in fact the highest life form on the evolutionary rung, then it is in the best interest of all life on Earth for us to achieve our best state for the best outcome of the whole. If we aren’t the highest life form then its in our best interest to achieve our best state for the support of those with the most intelligence. Either way, we need to work toward the best version of ourselves for the greatest possible outcome for all.

“We are the crowning achievement of the evolutionary process. Let’s not betray that. Let’s make the ascent to angelic being, that is, I am sure, the intention of the Gaian Mind and all the rest of the life with which we share the planet.”

Plant medicines and indigenous teachings are powerful gifts and tools to be explored further in the human movement toward higher consciousness.

By Nicole Doherty.

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