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The Coffinmaker and The Final Resting Place

green coffin maker

The idea that one’s life work should be fulfilling and meaningful is part of many people’s modern-day deliberations.  This beautiful short film speaks to that internal struggle and translates it to something deeper, more experiential and yet transcendent. Meet the coffin maker; Marcus Daly.

He is a maker of wood coffins, a craftsman who contemplates the human condition through the building of simple, hand-tooled boxes. The first coffin he made was for his own child.

Every year, Americans bury enough metal in the ground to rebuild the Golden Gate Bridge, says Marcus. His simple, handcrafted wooden coffins are an economical and environmentally friendly burial alternative. But Marcus believes a coffin’s most important feature is that it can be carried.

“When I’m out here by myself early in the morning or in the middle of the night, I can get a sense of how work is love made visible…..I think one of the most important aspects of the coffin is that it can be carried. And I think we’re meant to carry each other. And I think carrying someone you love, committing them, is very important for us in when we deal with death. We want to know that we have played a part and that we have shouldered our burden. So, if we make it too convenient, then we’re depriving ourselves of a chance of to get stronger so that we can carry on.”


The Coffinmaker from Dan McComb on Vimeo.


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