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The House Whisperer

Vintage suitcases

Every home tells a story and your front door may be the entrance to healing your life.

Houses are telling stories all the time.

As soon as enter a building we get a feeling state of whether we like it or not, without always knowing why.

In earlier times, and in most indigenous cultures, dwellings were built in a respectful and conscious way, facing a particular direction or in a certain, carefully chosen spot on the land, and all materials used were gathered with care and attention. The spirit of the land as well as the spirit of the materials used were taken into consideration and honored. Therefore the home was naturally inspired because everything was used consciously and with intention.

The connection to our homes and land was common factor of  life.  But in today’s culture, this awareness is much less common.

Throughout our lives we collect experiences, and memories, the same can be said for a home.  Each object in our home has its own personal history. And its own energy.  There is also the energy of the previous occupiers, or people who have built the home.  Sometimes, moving into an old home can feel like putting on someone else’s unwashed clothes.  An older home, generally, has collected more “energy,” and carries a thicker atmosphere.

Cleaning a house is helpful for reducing stagnant energy, but there is the possibility that energetically things may have become stagnant in another way.  Someone may have died in the house, or the land could have a history that may be unknown to someone who may be renovating or building a new home.

Working with a shamanic practitioner and connecting with where we live at this level, can change our lives.

I was called by a young woman for an energetic clearing in her home because she was feeling uncomfortable there, as well as a bit stuck in her life and wanted to move, but was having trouble even renting her space. When she would go to bed at night or wake in the morning she had the feeling that someone else was in the room.

Even though it was a new, beautiful, modern building, there were old energies at play.  The road leading to the building ended in a circular driveway at the front of the residences, so the energy poured through like a river, giving a perpetual unsettled feeling.  There were also open portals on the land which are a bit like energetic doorways. Not a good thing!

There was indeed a spirit present and he was assisted in moving onto a realm that was more appropriate for him.

While I was calling in healing for the rest of the space, my attention kept being pulled to three beautiful old, leather and linen suitcases, artfully stacked by the wall.

I wasn’t sure why, but they just didn’t “feel” right in that position. We tried moving them, but something about them kept bothering me.

As I drummed and “tuned into” what  might be going on around them, I felt as if a deep sadness washed over me. I had the image of a little girl and something being left behind.

I asked the owner what the story was with these suitcases.  She had always loved and wanted 1960′s suitcases like these, and had searched for them online or at markets, but they were usually quite expensive. Finally, she found these and they were within her price range so she bought them. She loves them and friends always comment on them when they come over.

I described what I was sensing about them being connected to a little girl and something being left behind. By this point the emotions around what I was tuning into were so strong that I couldn’t hold back the tears.

I asked her if that made any sense to her and after a few minutes she said, “Oh my gosh, I know what you are talking about…Ever since I was very little, I had a recurring dream, of being in a strange place with my mother and sister. In the dream, my father had been gone for a while, I was also aware of the fact that my mother and sister had been raped and my grand parents were somewhere else. I didn’t like it there and didn’t know what was going on, or why we were there. I kept asking for my grandparents and my mother said that they would be joining us for dinner soon. Then one day we were all crowded into this big room and I was scared and the lights went out and it was hard to breath and the people were falling on top of me, and then finally I went unconscious.”

I was stunned. I said, of course you have been looking for those suitcases…

But you know they are not from the 1960′s right?

We did a ceremony to bring healing to those remembered experiences and gave gratitude to her ancestors for all that they went through. We honored that it is through them that we are here today.

I kept hearing, in my mind, “Nothing is ever lost.”

During the ceremony it became clear that it was time to let go of the suitcases, she no longer needed them and releasing them would allow her to move forward more easily in her life.

She had had the same realization and felt ready to let them go.

At a later check in, she reported that she was able to move easily from that home, and she felt much more settled in her overall life.

Connecting with and honoring our homes and the land where we live is extremely important to the fluidity of our entire lives. 

As we bring awareness and healing to the homes that we live in, and the things we surround ourselves with, we are better able to heal ourselves.  When we clear out things from our homes that no longer serve us, we are unblocking a dam and allowing the vital energy of our lives to flow again.

This shift in energy is palpable to people who enter our homes, it shines through our lives, and radiates out into the world.

Our lives become more open to inspiration and endless, delicious possibility.

So…what story does your home tell?

- Guest post by Valerie Farr, The LA House Whisperer.