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12.12.12 – The Spiritual Significance of Three Twelves

Here’s more on the spiritual significance of 12-12-12 by one of our favorite author/practitioners, KellyRose Zuvuya.

In numerology 12 signifies completion, the Divine Mother/Feminine, creative capacity, cosmic harmony and spiritual order. On December 12th groups and individuals all over the world will be intentionally meditating to focus on the divine light of illumination. As we look closer at what these 12′s mean we can become even clearer about how the light we are drawing in is working on us. Three 12′s give us three aspects of an initiation into the evolutionary leap we are making as we near the end of 2012. It’s exciting, it’s promising, and it’s what you make of it.

The first aspect shows us that we are entering a phase of completion of old, limiting stories – the karma that is ready to be released in mass out of your cells. What patterns have you become aware of in your self, especially during the last year, that no longer work for you? The light penetrating the Earth has been illuminating how you have strayed from who you really are, your bigger identity, and forgotten your true purpose for being here. You are learning what you need to say ‘no’ to in order to feel your self and experience the freedom that you intended. Where you have been feeling discomfort or experiencing disease, struggle, depression or unhappiness, you need to let go of something – a belief, a relationship, a situation – and know that you are capable of dealing with the pain of that loss because Divine Source is your supply and it provides you with everything you need. When you say ‘no’ to what does not work, you claim your power, your life force.

And what will you do with your power? The second 12 signifies the path of true fulfillment. As you engage in this sloughing off process with conscious intent to create space in your life for the divine feminine and the creative mystery. The feminine aspect is the part of you that feels joy, passion and love. When you are in touch with her, you are in touch with your most sacred desires. In this aspect of the initiation, you begin to discover what you are saying ‘yes’ to and you marry it with your divine masculine energy to say it and follow through with conviction. This is the portion of the leap where you align with your longings no matter what is going on in your present circumstances, and use its energy to engage the alchemy of your soul. When you say ‘yes’ you focus your life force into your purpose.

As you practice these first two aspects of this evolutionary leap, you automatically put your self into alignment with the third: resonating with cosmic order, divine harmony with the universe. There are many of you that may feel that you have been releasing and setting boundaries around what does not work and simultaneously opening to what you truly desire, but yet still not experiencing the full manifestation of your dreams. So, what gives? Well, that is because humanity and the Earth share a collective consciousness, and as such we are collectively saying ‘no’ and ‘yes’ in order to birth a new reality in which dreams based in love can flourish.

In short, we are in this together, as a species, as a planet, and as a cosmic organism of intelligence; we need each other, and we need each other to be true to our selves so that we can use all of that creative energy collaboratively. And that is truly the essence of the third 12, to come into synchronistic flow with the divine, unfolding co-creative plan together, as one. On 12~12~12 we have a unique opportunity to lift each other up and fly through the portal of positive change, personally and globally.

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If you’re in the Los Angeles area, Gladis recommends attending a live ceremony/celebration of 12.12.12.