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The Unraveling – Part 1 yarn tree

The Journey of The Healing Process


As I felt the way through the depths of my soul, I dove into a rabbit hole of resistance, desire and the unknown, only to land in a soup of emotion and feelings from the past untold. What is this and where did it come from? Suddenly memories of hurt and pain surfaced from an ancient time when I must have decided how life was going to Be. Unknowingly, I was also deciding how I was going to live my life, that is until I decided to Unravel.

Unraveling is the process in which we start to find our Truths, buried within us, underneath the stories of ‘victimhood’ and the constant questioning of “why”. Both are personas that we have, at times, become quite comfortable in and identify ourselves with. Unraveling is the exploration and undoing of what and who we decided to be once upon a time. A decision made during a time when we simply didn’t know better.

With constant encouragement to ‘love and accept ourselves’, I often found myself questioning “who was it that I was to love and accept? The version of myself that created the messy relationships, financial struggles and confusion in life?” I resonated with affirmations like ‘Accept What Is’ and ‘Be In The Now’ yet I couldn’t help but ponder; could the identity I was being when I created the problem also competently resolve it? Could there be some other part of ourselves that would allow us to detach from our damaged self and take the lead?

Throughout my spiritual expedition, I have found time and time again that there are in fact, other identities/personalities that we operate from, most often triggered by a particular situation or routine interactions. There is however one profound identity that I’ve encountered and holds an immaculate track record for problem-solving while beaming of peace and love. This identity was introduced as my Omnipotent Self; the Self that is All-Knowing and connected to All That Is, God, Love, Light or whatever name you or I choose to give IT. And yet the most amazing discovery was it did that didn’t reside outside of me.

While connected to this Super Power, I found immense safety, clarity and Truth; epiphanies that my mind and accompanied sleepless nights could not begin to comprehend. I agreed to take the journey and discover the secrets of how, and ultimately why I ever created a struggle. Gracefully, I was honored with resolution and peace of mind. It was an instant disillusion of a problem or hurt feelings. It was an awakening to bliss and clarity. It was a shift in energy that could be felt by anyone within visual, audible or energetic range.

How could this be and is it really that easy? Was my long winded search all these years ultimately all for not? What about the thousands of dollars and hundreds of days spent learning and experimenting with organizational mandated healing modalities? And what about the several dozens of books I read and hours of listening to dissertations on life’s ultimate meaning? All this time the answers were within and I simply needed to, Ask.

It became clear that my past inspirations weren’t all-for-not and every action had actually led me closer to my Truth, initiating and pushing me along the path of Unraveling. I looked backwards and forward while sitting IN gratitude reflecting on the workshops, courses and my fellow seekers. I found peace in knowing that if it wasn’t for all the ‘tools’ and the ‘space’ that they provided, I may not have arrived Here and Now to this Awareness.

Today, I consciously decide to fall further down the rabbit hole to places of remembrance disguised as realizations. Unlocked memories that grant me access to an understanding, beyond words, of how I created this life and it’s ‘pain’, it’s ‘growth’, the ‘awakening’ and yes, even ‘the journey’. I feel a renewed sense of ambition to Unravel to the Truth of nothingness and start a new Beginning.

Unraveling, or coming apart, is a key moment in the healing process for many. Have you shared this experience?


JMonique has been interested in and studying metaphysics and spirituality practices for the past 20 years.
Starting with Buddhism for 7 years as a foundation and moving forward to become a certified Avatar Master, Reiki Master, Thai Massage Therapist and completing an internship with Dr. Kam Yuen of the Yuen Method. All of which have required her to develop and hone in on her intuitive skills in order to find the root cause of issues pertaining to her clients while facilitating healings.Embracing her ability to read energies, JMonique is committed to empowering people by not only by sharing insights but by also providing the coaching needed for people who want to see real change in their life. For those who would like to take it a step further JMonique offers healing sessions utilizing the Facilitated Healing method or the renowned Yuen Method.Coming from a corporate business background and being raised in the bustling city of Los Angeles, JMonique has a great understanding the types of day to day struggles we can face in our personal, business and financial worlds, not only making her extremely relatable but refereshing to speak with during your session.