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The World Grieves and Loves Together

new haven connecticut mourns

10 Heart-ful images from the Internet that bring us comfort after this tragedy.

(Left: Hundreds gather at the State Capitol in Connecticut.)

As we continue to grieve and try to make sense of what happened on Friday, as more sad details of how the tragedy unfolded are being released, there is some comfort in seeing the outpouring of love and prayer from all over the world. From Connecticut to South Africa, to Pakistan, and beyond, the bigger message that is clear is that we are all connected.  It’s been said that the most important thing the Internet does is to connect us all, and that couldn’t be more true than now.

Psychologists have said that turning to social media and the Internet after a tragedy like this provides a much-needed connection to others who are also trying to understand. Tragedies elicit a need for relational anchors in our lives, to help us feel secure in what feels to be an unsettling unbalanced world.  It helps us to share the pain.  It helps us read the news accounts about teachers and the Principle who acted so selflessly to save the children, because we need to be reminded that love will always prevail.

Below are some of images from all over the web, as well as Facebook pages for the victims, where people from across the globe are sharing their condolences.

These images are a great reminder that as human beings, do have more similarities than differences.  And we all essentially want the same things. The maps and languages and politics that separate us are all made up.  We can see our sameness and connection on the web . It’s clear that what is real – what is truth – is that in our core, we are all connected, and we are compassionate, loving souls.


In the words of Rumi:

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.

sandy hook memorial facebook page1) There is a Facebook Memorial page set up for all the victims, along with individual pages for the children.  People from all over the world have left prayers, and under one photo of a beautiful smiling boy:  ”Noah……. your mommy loves you so much… she talked about you wanting to be a soldier… I know you will be her little warrior in heaven, give your family strength.. a life cut too soon…. you are a beautiful baby who is loved so much…. you look so much like her. You are in my heart and my prayers….and always will be Noah.”  (A search on Facebook for “Sandy Hook Victims” will bring up the individual pages.)


2)  An image of firefighters kneeling at a memorial at the Sandy Hook Elementary School sign in Newtown, Connecticut:

firefighters kneeling at sandy hook








3) Hundreds gathered outside the White House:

white house memorial gathering for sandy hook







4) A man from South Carolina donated 26 Christmas Trees to be placed around the school in memorial. They are being decorated by volunteers:

donated christmas trees at sandy hook







5) In Glasgow, Scotland, an entire stadium observes a moments silence for the victims of Sandy Hook:

sandy hook images from around the world





6) Pakistani children light candles to pay tribute to Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims in southern Pakistani port city of Karachi:

pakistan  sandy hook








7) Members of a group called “Rio de Paz” (Rio of Peace) observe a moment of silence for the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary on Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro:

brazil sandy hook







8)  Many (most) world leaders – from Japan to Brazil, Afghanistan, Israel, England, France, Russia, and more.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel issued a statement that said:   “Once again we stand aghast at a deed that cannot be comprehended. The thought of the murdered pupils and teachers makes my heart heavy.”  

Philippine President Benigno Aquino III said he and the Filipino people stand beside the United States “with bowed heads, yet in deep admiration over the manner in which the American people have reached out to comfort the afflicted, and to search for answers that will give meaning and hope to this grim event.”

9)   Flowers and toys lay near the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, Russia:

russia memorial for sandy hook











10)   Lastly, in Baltimore today – nearly 500 guns were surrendered this weekend, in the wake of the tragedy, at the “Cash for Guns” program the city sponsors.

guns surrendered in memorial of Sandy Hook









Has anything on the web brought you comfort that you’d like to share with others?  Please share below.

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