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Top Astrology Reports and Tips for Thursday’s New Moon and The Triple Solar Eclipse

The New Moon and Solar Eclipse is Thursday, May 9 at 6:29 PM Mountain Daylight Time. This is the second eclipse out of three and makes for an intense and potent time under the stars. has pulled together not only the BEST of the best astrologists predictions, but we also recommend the below tips and a beautiful Halo Sound Healing call (see bottom) to bring it in. Enjoy!

Astrologists and ancient sages repeatedly tell us that A New Moon is always a good time to come to a still point and reset anything that is not working.  So take some time to evaluate what you have manifested in your life that is no longer a welcome situation. Use the new moon time to make a commitment to change it and set some intentions in that direction.

Some critical tips for right now:

1) Be careful what you ask for and most of all, be careful of how you may judge what you are manifesting at this time.

2) Try and stay very very positive despite what may be happening in your life. See everything as an opportunity for movement either towards or away from something.

3) Work with gratitude on a daily basis as the lubricant for your intentions. And don’t get distracted by what other people are doing and other peoples drama.

4)  Always give yourself the freedom to choose something different. Remember you always have a choice.


From Virgo Magic:

Whoa. There’s a lot of intensity right now, a lot going on. Deep breath, everyone. We’re fast approaching the second of three Eclipses, which, consciously navigated, are profound portals of transformation, initiations into new realities. But this process is typically not so comfortable, and if you’re feeling overwhelmed, confused, stuck, freaked out, pulled in too many directions, or just plain out of sorts, then you are perfectly in tune with the cosmic energies.

Thursday’s Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio (12:57 pm PDT) is an extra-potent Full Moon that is stirring up some serious shadow material. Eclipses are always about revealing what’s buried in the subconscious, but this one, in the sign that rules the shadow, the subconscious, and all things taboo – sex, death and money – brings a double dose of darkness. Scorpio wants authenticity, passion, vitality, depth, intimacy and hot sex, and this Eclipse is showing us all of our fears, blocks and resistance to getting there.

This Eclipse wants us to plant seeds for a new life direction based on our deepest values, passions and desires. Having a solid sense of self-worth, and the kind of security that comes from being grounded in our bodies and on the planet, makes it much easier to trust our inner impulses and embrace vitality. High-vibration Taurus revels in the sensual experience of living in a body on this miraculous Earth. Low-vibration Taurus, which pretty much defines the dominant culture, seeks a sense of worth, security and grounding through accumulating money and material possessions, trashing the planet in the process.

From Dr Michael Lennox at Dreaming

This lunation is terribly important to the process that this wormhole offers us.  We are in the midst of an opportunity to land in brand new territory when this shakeup completes itself next month.  And by territory, I mean consciousness, although that change in consciousness for some will result in new landscapes in your outer world as well.  Because it is an eclipse, the transformation that can happen here is a true restructuring of how you inhabit your life.

The New Moon, a seed planting event, is always the most potent moment to exercise our free will in any cycle and even more so during an eclipse.  Create powerful intentions for yourself in these next few days and you will be participating mightily in the huge shift that is at hand.  Leave it up to chance and you will feel all the more out of control and at the affect or your world rather than feeling like a powerful co-creator.  You may not get the form you think you are creating, but you can absolutely get the perspective you desire and perspective trumps form every time.

Thursday is the magic day and the New Moon is exact around 5:30pm PDT.  The entire day leading up to that point is what is known as the dark-of-the-moon, where the soil of consciousness is most fertile for the receiving of new seeds of intention.  The reverberations of this eclipse will last for several days after, making the entire weekend fruitful ground as well.  No matter when you choose to honor this moment, do it with grounded gusto, for the earthy sign of Taurus is best met with the body in a physically tangible way.

Taurus rules the throat, so using your voice during this ritual is a very good idea.  Sing, chant, pray out loud; make sound!   Additionally, Taurus is the most luxurious of the archetypes, so the more sensual you can make what you do, the better.  As the first of the three earth signs, I highly recommend taking whatever results from your process, such as a written prayer or creatively expressed set of intentions, and bury it as if it were a seed you were planting; for truly, it is.

Halo Sound Healing on Thursday From KellyRose Zuvuya:  

We are in the middle of an ‘Eclipse Season’!

It is a great time to ask: what areas of my life are manifesting as an expression of my wounds and where is my divine essence leading the way? Since the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse we have had plenty of opportunities to create clarity through the contrast of what we don’t want juxtaposed with what we do. The New Moon Eclipse this Thursday has the potential to push you through the eye of the needle wherever you are desiring a more full expression of what is right for you, right now. Let this be a time to sink into what is natural, even as the world reflects what is uncomfortably familiar and habitually ingrained. Join this call for deep let go into an internal resonance that allows your true core to create your world, with ease and grace.

Everyone that registers will receive a Sound Halo Healing to support alignment with your positive intentions for healing, wealth, and purposeful living. The channeled messages raise your consciousness to a vibration that resonates with your naturally prosperous self.

$22 - Register here for conference call or absent participation by 5:30 pm on 5/9. Call information and password will be emailed to you before the event, everyone receives a recording after the event via email.

Manifesting From Your Core

Tele-Channeling and Sound Halo Healing
Thursday, May 9th
6pm – 7:30pm PT
Via Conference Call

Can’t make the call? You can still register. You will be included in the healing during the channeling and receive an mp3 to listen to at your convenience.