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What’s the Difference Between Prayer and Meditation?

In meditation, breathing is meant to clear the mind, to bring a person to a place of clarity, letting go of everything but the present moment. Prayer is different. In prayer, we are turning our scattered thoughts over to our Source.  When we pray, we are asking for something, and when we meditate, we are listening to the answer.  Prayer is when you speak to God.  Meditation is when you allow spirit to come through you and manifest as intuition or ‘being inspired.’  (Inspired = In Spirit). 

Contrary to many beliefs, meditation has nothing to do with specific religion or a particular doctrine.  It does not conflict with any religious belief.  In fact, it is a part of every religious tradition:  Monks do it. Christians have grounding meditations, and there are actually hundreds of meditative reflections in the Torah.  ”Be still and know that I am God” is quoted in a variety of religious texts.

It is simply a mental technique to go to the source of God.

When you pray, you try to express your thoughts and emotions to a Supreme Being–in words and in gratitude. You try to seek that which only the Divine can grant. You pray for yourself and for those whom you want to receive the bounty of God’s grace and healing. Sincere prayers come from very deep within your heart when you are faced with situations that are beyond any human control or efforts.

The purpose of meditation is not to achieve or attain anything. It is to reach a state of letting go, a deep ease and a profound state of relaxation. Meditation is your willingness to do nothing.

While both practices are distinct, they share an undeniable sacred bond in bringing us deeper in our experience with the Divine.

The human voice can never reach the distance that is covered by the still small voice of conscience.- Mahatma Gandhi 

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