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A Christmas Gift That’s Not Too Late to Give:

oren arnold xmas quote

Don’t expect too much of Christmas Day. You can’t crowd into it any arrears of unselfishness and kindliness that may have accrued during the past twelve months.

And so, The Best Christmas Gifts:

To your enemy, forgiveness.
To an opponent, tolerance.
To a friend, your heart.
To a customer, service.
To all, charity.
To every child, a good example.
To yourself, respect.

~ Oren Arnold

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Beach Yoga with Brad beach yoga

When I first started going to Beach Yoga With Brad a few years ago, it was one of the best-kept secrets in all of L.A.  And was still just an idea I contemplated at my desk at an advertising agency.

Since then, Beach Yoga with Brad has captured the heart of the Westside of L.A., and has won accolades from many of the Los Angeles City Guides.  But for any of you who live here and have still not made it – or for anyone planning a visit to L.A., we’d like to encourage you to get your beach yoga on.

Beach Yoga is an AMAZING way to instantly shed workweek stress.  This is yoga that will have you doing stretches that remove all tension, deep breathing gulps of fresh sea air, and time between poses to sneak in some mediation (don’t tell Brad, I think we’re actually supposed to ‘focus’.)   The sound of waves, the freshest air in L.A., and an occasional performance from dolphins, sea lions, or even birds will have you counting your blessings and feeling deep gratitude for this beautiful place where we live.

And deep breathing the freshest air in all of L.A. will not only rid you of those toxic thoughts – you might even get a buzz.  (!)  This is class is appropriate for anyone – first-timers to advanced.

Here’s the scoop:  Every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 am, you’ll find Exhale Yoga teacher Brad Keimach (and beach yoga devotees of every age, race, and skill level) practicing at the water’s edge, right at the border of Santa Monica and Venice (lifeguard tower 29.)


Brad’s prayer at the end of class is one of our absolute faves in the yoga world:

Palms together to your forehead for clear and calm mind.

To the lips for clear and loving communication.

And to the heart center for clear and loving intentions.

May we learn to see AND accept the truth about ourselves….no matter how…beautiful…it is.

For more info on time/ date /location :

Keep in touch with all on-going info on Beach Yoga:  Los Angeles Beach Yoga


Have you done Beach Yoga with Brad?  Please leave our readers some feedback on your experience below!

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How Roland Rolls by Jim Carrey

jim carrey childrens book

Over the past 20 years, Carrey has made us laugh with his block-buster comedic films (Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Dumb and Dumber, Liar, Liar and Bruce Almighty), provoked us with his serious ones (Man on the Moon, The Truman Show, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) and enchanted us with his family fare (How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Mr. Popper’s Penguins.)

In his latest project, Carrey entertains, enlightens and inspires with “How Roland Rolls.”   It is a small, simple book for kids that encourages one to dream big and challenge limitations.  It charmingly and wittily presents the universal truth of humanity’s interconnectedness and unity through the metaphor of a wave in the sea. Roland, the wave, is afraid that “one day, when he hits the beach, his life will be over. But when he gets deep, he’s struck by the notion that he’s not just a wave — he’s the whole big, wide ocean!”

The book is illustrated by award-winning illustrator Rob Nason, who provides glorious visual accompaniment to Carrey’s beautiful message.


Support by buying this book (and others) in our store (on page 1).  And click here for more great kids book recommendations.  We say – stock up – good books make GREAT gifts!


More Reviews of “How Roland Rolls:”

“Philosophers and scientists struggle to understand cosmic consciousness, but Jim Carrey explains it with elegant simplicity to the child in all of us. We are the ocean rolling along as Roland the Wave becoming raindrop, river, cloud, and becoming the life throb of ages dancing in us this moment.”
Deepak Chopra
Author, Teacher, Physician

“Jim Carrey does for children what he does for adults, using humor and light- heartedness to reveal deeper insights. Like all great fairy tales, How Roland Rolls addresses ultimate truth in a fanciful package. Bravo.”
Marianne Williamson
Author, Teacher

“Carrey’s created a charming, fun to read, beautifully illustrated book with Roland the wave as a metaphor for the interrelatedness of everything in the world.”
Jane Fonda


If you liked this article, you’ll love: Bedtime Will Never Be The Same: 5 Great Books for Kids.

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Tiny Time Machines

Tiny Time Machines Stealing Time Back

by Garni Sohrabian.

once upon a time, before clocks told the time

not yet tomorrow, after yesterday
the time is now, the day today

the clockmaker made a big noisy clock
strange it was and said tick tock tick tock

the time bandit, one noisy day
heard so much noise he could not play

he broke the clock to be free
and made it look like infinity

Garni Sohrabian started a shoe company with a friend right after college. It grew into into nineteen countries and everyone thought he had it all on the outside, but deep inside something was missing. After seven years, he sold his ownership in the shoe company to travel, write, and do some soul searching. After finally finding his soul again, he started tiny time machines with his fellow time bandit friend Armen Mahdessian. Now they break clocks and remind people to be here now. Or as they call it, “steal time back” from the clockmaker!

Be sure to check them out on Facebook.

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Take the plunge, marry yourself. Proclaim that you are fabulous!

Self Wedding 1Go on, take the plunge!

Marry someone who completely deserves your unconditional love… yourself! friends and all-round wonderful human beings Jeffrey Levin and Bonnie Powers, want to spread more love in the world, and have set out to get people to “take the plunge and marry yourself.”

Having conducted a number of self-weddings, this husband and wife team are out to grow this idea in as many ways as possible. They see the self-wedding idea as a movement that spreads happiness.  ”Love doesn’t start with the idea of waiting for the right one to complete you. Love starts with completing yourself. Realizing you are the right one,” says Powers. “The more you love yourself, the better able you are to love others.”

The Self-Wedding In-A-Box comes in a fabulous vintage-modern blush and mint colored kit with a sterling silver or 14k solid gold unisex ring designed by Levin, the ceremony verbiage, vows, and affirmation cards.  Their kit has all you need to create your own ceremony, including a self-wedding ring and vows.

I Married Me Self-Wedding In-A-Box is a genuinely inspirational practice. It reminds you, as you wear your ring, that the simplest thing you can do to make for a happier, more content life is to LOVE YOURSELF!

Help support this idea, and the campaign to raise funds on Indiegogo!

I Married Me from I Married Me on Vimeo.

Follow the Love:
Contact:Jeffrey Levin, Ring Maker: jeff at imarriedme dot com, 310.207.8899Bonnie Powers, Wedding Planner: bonnie at imarriedme dot com, 415.305.8973 


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