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These days, astrology isn’t viewed as a fortune-telling device. It’s a way to understand ourselves and our lives better. Astrology and psychology are often linked. Both are studies of how human beings function physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Astrology is based on the belief that what happens in the universe is reflected in life on earth and our individual lives. “As above, so below.” No one knows why…yet.

It could be actual physical effects—waves, magnetism, whatever. Or it could just be symbolic—whether through happenstance or something out there trying to give us a clue.

Astrology is connected to Carl Jung’s Theory of Synchronicity, that everything carries with it its moment in time. We are all products of our time.

What Kinds Of Astrology Are There?

The most common kind of astrology is natal astrology, the study of an individual. But birth charts can also be calculated for businesses, cities, countries, governments, events, ideas and anything else that has a start or beginning moment. Analysis of the chart will indicate how that business or country or idea will develop and grow, the challenges it will face.

Some of the other types of astrology are:


Horary — Used to answer a specific question like “When will I get a new job?” or “Where will I find Fluffy? or “When will I meet Mr. Right?”

Electional — Used to determine when would be a good time to begin a specific action, like get married, have surgery or start a business.

Mundane — Used to study world and cultural events, planetary cycles and cultural cycles.

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