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Natya Yoga

Natya Yoga, popularly known as Dance Yoga, the all-inclusive spiritual path of action, is a combination of mainly Bhakti Yoga and Karma Yoga with many elements of Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga.

Those practising Natya Yoga believe that the fastest way to realize all the intricate aspects of Bhakti (e.g. different types of Lilas) is by enacting various devotional songs, which require one to master one’s emotional states.

According to the Karma Yoga principles, the practitioner of Natya Yoga learns to do everything with a certain attitude that leads to the complete detachment from and control of one’s physical, emotional and mental activities. One is expected to devote all one’s actions to the Supreme as a sacrifice. The stage performances are an opportunity for the dancer to remain indifferent to the spectators’ reactions, which require a great deal of self-control. The dancer strives to learn to be guided in every smallest move by the various devas that are supposed to be established in various chakras.




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