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Feathered Pipe Ranch and Foundation


The Feathered Pipe Ranch and Foundation was founded in 1975. From the beginning, the image and concept of the Native American feathered pipe has inspired our name and guided our mission. The Mission of the Feathered Pipe Ranch and Foundation is to help people find their direction through access to programs and experiences that cultivate awareness of their truest selves, enrich spirit, mind and body, explore the world’s wisdom and discoveries, and actively practice seva (service) to support healing, education, community and empowerment.

What began as a vision back in 1975 by a group of free thinkers has evolved into an American institution showcasing and nurturing many of the most brilliant minds and souls in the communities of yoga, meditation and personal growth. Click here for more information on the beginnings of the Feathered Pipe Ranch and Foundation.

The Feathered Pipe Ranch and Foundation have specialized in creating and hosting Yoga, Meditation, and other Healing Art retreats for more than 36 years. They offer many types of retreat and travel experiences in Montana and abroad focusing primarily on South and East Asia, as well as Central and South America, including:

Click here to view their many upcoming Yoga Retreats and Yoga Travel Experiences and to sign up on their mailing list.

Help support the Feathered Pipe Ranch and Foundation through their Scholarship Fund. The objective of the fund is to assist those who have the intention and heart but may not have the financial ability to afford participating in a Feathered Pipe retreat. To lean more about the Scholarship Fund click here.

Contact Information:

The Feathered Pipe Foundation
PO Box 1682
Helena, MT 59624

Office hours: 9-4, Monday – Friday, MST
Email:jv at featheredpipe dot com or melissa at featheredpipe dot com
Phone: (406) 442-8196




Address: P.O. Box 1682
City: Helena
Country: USA
Telephone: 406-442-8196
Facebook URL:

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