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Silver Horse Healing Ranch


The mission of Silver Horse Healing Ranch is to teach people how to deepen their relationship with horses and in the process discover their authenticity.

The horses at SHHR are rescues. The mares are from the Premarin Industry and the geldings were horses that were no longer wanted by their owners.

Each horse is rehabilitated and worked with closely to cultivate the gifts and talents of each horse. SHHR promotes relationship and connection as opposed to competition and performance.

Silver Horse Healing Ranch offers services, classes and programs for:
* Adults, Teenagers and Children
* Special Need Individuals, such as:
-High functioning Autism
-Down Syndrome
-Stroke survivors
* People in recovery
* Cancer Survivors
* Depression

The reasons people come to SHHR are to:
* Reconnect with horses after a traumatic experience with a horse.
* To learn how to relate to horses with respect, compassion and authenticity.
* Cultivate self empowerment, self confidence, self awareness and self discovery.
* Family crisis.
* Health crisis.
* Seeking alternative healing.

At SHHR you can expect to find:
* Happy horses.
* A gentle, safe and beautiful environment.
* Guided learning and healing.
* Animal magnetism.
* Inter-species relating.
* Rapport and resonance between staff and horses.




Address: Callon Drive, Topanga, CA 90290
City: Topanga
Country: USA
Telephone: 1-310-466-3955
Facebook URL:

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