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Summit Center


Did you know that bright kids can also have learning, social, or emotional challenges?

• Does your child have difficulty learning, despite being smart and working hard?
• Does your child have trouble paying attention and staying organized?
• Are you concerned about your child’s level of stress and anxiety?
• Has your child been misdiagnosed?
•Do you wonder if your child is gifted?

If you can answer YES to any of these questions, we can help. The Summit Center provides educational and psychological assessments, consultations, and treatment for children, their parents, and families. We work with all kids — including those who are highly gifted and those with learning disabilities.

Services include:

• IQ and Academic Testing
•Comprehensive Neuropsychological Testing
• Differentiated Education Plans, IEPs, and 504s
• Child, Parent, and Family Counseling and Coaching
• Discussion Groups for parents of gifted children
• Spiritual sensitivity counseling with Dr. Paula Wilkes


“Assessment, Consultation, and Treatment for Children, Adolescents, & Families”

Specializing in the needs of the gifted, creative, and twice-exceptional




Address: 11835 West Olympic Blvd. Suite 465E Los Angeles, CA 90064
City: Los Angeles, CA 90064
Country: USA
Telephone: (310) 478-6505
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