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Carolyn Coleridge


My name is Carolyn and I am an intuitive energy healer and a spiritual counselor. I have been an intuitive healer for over 18 years. I was trained at Columbia University (95′) in New York City as a Clinical social worker, and psychotherapist.   I now work as a Spiritual counselor and SOUL worker under the Universal life church in California.

I provide, intuitive healings, soul readings, spiritual counseling and classes on spiritual growth. I am also an author and speaker and I write an inspirational newsletter every month.

My expertise is to help you find your life path and to remove blocks through ( that may prevent you from being able to fulfill it. Theta healing is done through kineseology and prayer and I have seen many shifts in people’s lives. SOUL readings help you understand your spirits own desires about relationships, health, prosperity and well being. The energetic healing has healed many ailments in people’s life and also provided a sense of peace and healing.

The method of working with spirit runs through my blood as I am sure it does yours. We are ALL spiritual beings.  We are on the path to remember who we really are.

My classes include, intuitive development, finding your life purpose, creating and manifesting, Reiki and many more on spiritual growth!





Address: 8217 Beverly Blvd., Ste. 22
City: Los Angeles
Country: USA
Telephone: 323-782-9085
Email: carcole9 at hotmail dot com
Facebook URL:

Your Education/Training :
Clinical Social Worker, Spiritual Counselor, Soul Worker

What gurus, sages and practitioners do you use and recommend for our readers?
I think the greatest teacher is to Listen to your own intuition and spirit and to understand and work with the universal laws of nature. I have been inspired by Rev Michael Bernard Beckwith, Debbie Ford and Orin and Daben authors of Creating Money.