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Organic herbal elixirs inspired by the Chakra system!

ChakWave is an organic juice blend promoting a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Always made with natural ingredients, the seven ChakWave flavors and colors correspond to the chakra energy points in the body. The fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices in each recipe elevate mindfulness of the chakra represented as well as stimulate the energy center in the physical body.
Feel good about choosing ChakWave as the company works with organic farms, the juices are handmade, and delivered to you in sweet glass jars. When you’re finished slurping down the last yummy drop, we pick them up, sanitize, and reuse. There’s no leaching of plastic, no mountains of landfill waste, and we think it’s just more fun to drink from a wholesome glass jar…kinda like if your Granny whipped up a Chakra elixir for you!

In just one week of the Elevate Your Spirit ChakTox, you soak up 29 different fruits and vegetables, not to mention a slew of sustaining herbs and spices. ChakWave is dedicated to the nourishment of body and soul as well as the enrichment of the environment and community. It’s not just a juice, it’s a lifestyle.




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