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Cultivating Yourself as a Priestess, Seven Sisters Mystery School


Do you want more clarity on what it means to be anauthentic priestess today? Have you taken up the role –– or aspire to –– but want to make sure you’re qualified? Do you seek guidance to identify or refine your particular gifts and ministry? Are you needing inspiration to deepen what you do, and bring your work to a new level? Do you want insights on how to make a (better) living at all this?

The Cultivating Yourself as a Priestess webinar is an online course designed for women who want to take on or move more deeply into the role of sacred world server in their own unique way. The 5 online sessions each include an hour of stimulating information on different topics related to being an evolutionary priestess today. The last half-hour offers group Q&A and coaching by Marguerite to allow you to hear the experiences of others and expand your community worldwide. (previously recorded)

TUITION Four payments of $97 –– or receive a discounted tuition of $337 if paid in full




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