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Emily Van Horn

Somatic Trauma Resolution Therapy (STR) is a highly effective, natural approach to healing all types of trauma.  Together we work as a team to engage the body’s innate resources and healing abilities in order to release the effects of trauma.  By releasing blockages held in the nervous system, we can resolve symptoms; ranging from anxiety, overwhelm, physical pain or even Post Traumatic Stress.  Emily Van Horn has been a healing arts practitioner for 20 years. She is passionate about debunking the myth that trauma isn’t curable and has helped hundreds of clients achieve well being through this and other modalities.
STR is beneficial for anyone who has experienced:   accidents, injuries, falls, abuse, sexual assault, invasive surgical procedures, childhood trauma, loss, or anything that has been overwhelming to the nervous system, STR is a client centered approach that offers lasting resolution vs. just a way to manage symptoms.  Everyone can benefit from the tools gained through this experiential process.



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