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Feminine Awakening, Reena Desai


I am a spiritual mentor, coach and visionary change agent. I work at the intersection of personal and social transformation by growing the feminine voice, as a force for love, peace and joy in the world.

Influenced by Gandhi’s life and teachings to be the change, I am deeply committed to my own journey of self development and transformation as the foundation from which I share my path and teachings with other women.

Through Feminine Awakening, I coach and guide women to live from their feminine essence as their greatest source of love, freedom, success and service to society. I bridge the world of East and West by bringing back ancient feminine wisdom, adapted to the realities of modern life. Through practical knowledge and simple, everyday techniques, I help women live embodied in their feminine nature in today’s masculine society. As a result, women experience rapid transformation and measureable benefits in their daily life through increased health and vitality, harmonious  relationships, at home and at work, and a deeper connection to greater meaning and purpose in life.




City: Los Angeles
Country: USA
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I earned higher degrees from New York University and the London School of Economics, and traveled and worked around the world in leading positions with various international organizations. However, over six years, though I met with great success in my work, internally I was burnt out, unhappy and felt suppressed as a woman. Feeling a desire to reconnect with myself and to greater happiness and meaning, I went searching for another way. My search took me to the Northern Himalayan Mountains, where I met my spiritual teachers and began my journey into Feminine Awakening. I studied, and continue to study, with spiritual teachers who are direct transmitters of ancient sources of spiritual wisdom and feminine knowledge. Over the course of several years, I began to awaken to my feminine source of power and experienced how this directly led to greater health, self-sufficiency, happiness and success. Within a short period of time, I became free of addictions, asthma and other health problems. I came into greater love and connection with my body and felt more beautiful and joyful. What I thought was nearly impossible happened, as I broke free of cycles of dependency in unhealthy relationships and reconnected to my passion and purpose in life. I have experienced such radical transformation in my life that I asked and received the blessing of my teachers to share these ancient systems and teachings with women of the world. I understood how my own journey of Feminine Awakening is the journey so many women are seeking, and how through this journey women can reach their greatest potential to become leaders in creating a more peaceful, joyous and harmonious society. I cannot wait to take this journey into Feminine Awakening with you!

What gurus, sages and practitioners do you use and recommend for our readers?