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House of Shakti Jewelry


Located in Beverly Hills, CA, House of Shakti is the creative vision of designer Lubna Salah who uses crystals for healing and empowerment. Each mala or piece of jewelry is spiritually inspired and handcrafted to promote healing of the mind-body-spirit connection. Since ancient times, gemstones have been looked to for their mystical and healing powers. Through focusing on the healing properties of crystals as well as a yogic understanding of chakras, all jewelry is designed to achieve subtle positive changes in ones aura. Using only the highest quality semi-precious gemstones, gold, and silver, each piece is handcrafted into elegant, feminine designs with its own healing prescription for the soul. Our mission is to empower women to discover their highest potential through tools of practical enlightenment, like gemstones.




Address: PO Box 7092
City: Beverly Hills
Country: USA
Telephone: (888) 223-3312
Facebook URL:

Your Education/Training :
BSc, Computer Engineering, Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor

What gurus, sages and practitioners do you use and recommend for our readers?
Guru Singh Gurutej Gurudhan Singh Sat Siri Kaur Guru Meher Singh