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Isabella Stoloff


Isabella Stoloff founded the Orange County Healing Center, has a Master of Fine Arts and is a graduate of the Light Body School.

Isabella balances and clears your energy body using ancient techniques as well as toning and sound healing. The skill of death rites helps her clients to release lifetimes of pain and suffering.

Isabella gives one-on-one healings and teaches ancient healing techniques. She also guides people on spiritual journeys. As well, she created her own healing modality using her intuition and other Shamanic practices.

I began my shamanic path in 2006 and I had no idea where I was headed or what was in store for me. My first encounter with Shamanic healing was remote. The Shaman that was recommend to me lived in Chile and did her healing over the phone. After my first session her life began to change. In 2007 I started my training.

The Orange County Healing Center is a place for people to connect, grow and tune in to the endless possibilities life has to offer. The Center is located in Fullerton California. To book your private session with Isabella call her at 714-603-8624.

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Address: 213 North Yale Avenue
City: Fullerton
Country: USA
Telephone: 714-603-8624.
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Your Education/Training :
A Master of Fine Arts and a graduate of the Light Body School.

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