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Jacqueline VanCampen


wise heart withinHave you ever experienced receiving messages from your Highest Essence, that part of you that contains all the wisdom inheret in the universe? What if you could gain more clarity, more peace of mind, confirmation about a certain path you wish to go, be more psychically in-tuned with yourself, receive an energetic frequency download that brings healing to your body and blessing to your life?

I call myself an Angel Messenger and have been using my gifts of channeling and mediumship to facilitate people to connect with their angel/Highest Essence self. My sessions are very gentle, effective, and accurate. You also receive tools to begin applying the messages that are coming to you from your Highest Essence self. Sometimes during the sessions, we also connect with loved ones who have passed away and who wish to contribute to the healing or clarity of the client. This is a very powerful tool and it is my desire to empower you to know what you know and be the conduit of loving messages.




Address: 18685-101 Main St, Ste 323
City: Huntington Beach
Country: USA
Email: jacqueline AT wiseheartwithin dot com
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Your Education/Training :
Landmark Education, Access Bars Facilitator, SGI Leadership

What gurus, sages and practitioners do you use and recommend for our readers?
Ursula Mentjes, Amanda Johnson, Theresa Maguire, Karin Becker, Leta Hamilton, Theresa Prentice