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Keeping Your “Spirits” Up: Online Mentoring Circle for Those on the Sacred Path; Seven Sisters Mystery School


Led by… Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D.
Do you want to live from a spiritual place more of the time? Find yourself losing your thread to Spirit more than you’d like? Slip into negative thinking too easily – even if you know better? Want a convenient way to connect with other spiritual “kin”? This program will give you: Guided meditations you can reuse to keep your own spiritual connection strong; Inspirational teachings to help you further your spiritual awakening; An elevated mood so that you can shift out of emotional pain or lethargy – and know how to do this on your own; Renewed commitment to your daily practice so that you can live from a more sacred place; A more profound sense of being guided, touched & loved by Spirit (God/ess, Creator, Great Spirit, or however you name It).
Cost: Webinar with 45-Minute Private Mentoring Call (phone or Skype) Four monthly payments of $97, or pay in full for $377 OR Webinar without Mentoring Four monthly payments of $87, or pay in full for $318




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