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Kute Blackson is utterly unique in the world of human potential. Unlike those who promise to simply help people “get” what they want, Kute’s life work instead reveals to people what they have to give, by liberating who they are most truly and deeply. The focus: Freedom.

Kute’s own background and experience lay out the blueprint for his approach to liberating others, setting their gifts and greatness free. Born in Ghana, West Africa, his multicultural upbringing as the child of a Japanese mother and Ghanaian father, raised in London, and on 4 different continents defies all stereotype. He is a next generation world leader out to awaken millions to Love and to Living their inspired destiny. The son of a revered spiritual leader, Kute was speaking to his father’s congregations, in more than 300 churches, by the age of 8. At the age of 14, he was ordained into his father’s ministry and groomed to carry on the family’s spiritual legacy. But his heart’s truth drew him to separate from his father’s ministry and come to Los Angeles in 1995.

Kute courageously and daringly, came to America with two suitcases, and a dream seeking out many of the spiritual and self-help icons who inspired him when he was still a boy. He quickly learned that the outside-in approach had to become an inside-out approach. So he decided to create his own process—process that liberates the individual at the core. This process helps the individual get in touch with who they really are. It is a process of breaking free, so that each person can live, give, and share the truest expression of his or her self. This is what he calls “Liberated Living.”

Today, the venue for his message may be one-on-one, a vast stadium setting, a corporate seminar or anything in-between. His electrifying presentations are especially sought after by major companies, such as American Financial Group, REMAX and TCG, that are seeking to redefine their paradigm of success and inspire greatness.

Kute uses a variety of modalities to help people break out of old patterns, including the high frequency messages in his newly released Love Now CD and Love Now music video that’s being watched by people around the world. His book is set for release in 2011, and he is currently developing a television talk-show for national distribution.

Kute is also known worldwide for creating the unique and revolutionary immersion “Liberation Experience,” where he travels with an individual client, one-on-one, across India, for 14 days.

Kute has helped and is in high demand among people from all walks of life.

Kute is a global authority in “Transformational Immersion Journeys” and the creator of the “Boundless Bliss—Bali Breakthrough Experience“.

Be sure to visit his blog Kute Blackson – Love – Life – Liberation for more information about Kute and the services he offers.




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