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Project Harmony Intelligence (PHI)


Project Harmony Intelligence (PHI) is a community platform dedicated towards a higher conscious society that lives in harmony with ones self & with its surroundings. PHI offers a variety of creative concepts, designs, therapies and tools to support your spiritual renewal and the manifestation of your best self.

The mandalas described in the article are just one way in which PHI can help you to focus, connect, and achieve your true (ancestoral) self and potential.

To order a mandala please contact:  mail at
Please include name, birthdate, mandala intention (work, family, health, etc) & any other information you would like to share regarding your personalized mandala.
We will then be in touch with you to discuss details concerning your unique and powerful mandala creation.

Please note, although our website is currently only in German, the English version is in the works and we can certainly provide you with any additional information in English!





Country: Germany
Email: mail at
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Your Education/Training :
Geomantie, Shamanism, Interior Design, Feng Shui,Architecture, Healing, Counseling, Channeling

What gurus, sages and practitioners do you use and recommend for our readers?
Annie Jameson Jasmuheen Denise Linn