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Samm Sikora – Intuitive Medium & Spiritual Guide


All of my skills and services are oriented towards one goal: to empower you and provide you with clarity, food-for-thought and guidance on life’s lemons and lemonade. I firmly believe that every soul who comes across my fabulous little Internet abode is here for a reason and if that’s because I’ve got a spiritual connection that works for you and jives with your energy, your Higher Self will let you know as you peruse my offerings below.

At this time I presently offer intuitive card readings, both Tarot and oracle cards, by e-mail, although I am available for in-person readings for a small fee. I also offer other services such a spiritual life coaching and distance healing as well. The address provided in this listing is the local Panera where I have in-person appointments.

My rates start at $20 and I also offer donation readings to the community in order to build up my positive karma and good vibes.




Address: 6300 Lantana Road
City: Lake Worth
Country: USA
Neighborhood: Palm Beach County
Facebook URL:

Your Education/Training :
B.A., Arts and Humanities (in progress), Intuitive Development training with Karen Hager, Around the Tarot in 78 Days Diploma Course - Tarot Professionals

What gurus, sages and practitioners do you use and recommend for our readers?
Marcelle Trudeau (my sister - intuitive Tarot reader, she can be reached via friend request on Facebook or through her tumblr, treesallaround) Karen Hager, Fog City Psychic ( Matthew Engel (http:/ Brigit Esselmont, Biddy Tarot ( Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady ( Jessica Bowman, Spirit Guided Solutions (