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Shamanista Eva


Master Soul Healer offering Divinely Directed & Guided Sessions, Treatments, Systems, Tools, Events, Books and Retreats in Service of Soul empowerment, inspiration, healing, lifting and support through Love Resonation and Magnification.

Does your Soul need a recharging Love TuneUp?

Are you ready for Uplifting Angelic Experiences which sooth, balance, clear and focus your Soul?

Shamanista Eva has provided clients transformational results of new lifestyle perceptions, release of suffering pressures, clarity of commitment, enhanced flowing vitality, renewed expressive joy, reconnective Soul relationship, physical pain alleviation, vibrant meditative vacations, strengthened courageous confidence, Strategic Soul Support GuideMaps, insightful truth reflections, creative journal assignments and energetic body balancing.

Each Soul is a Treasure to Serve & Behold through Love




City: Los Angeles
Country: USA
Neighborhood: The City of Angels
Telephone: 310-466-5461
Facebook URL: Eva Marie (Shamanista Eva)

Your Education/Training :
Certified Angel Messenger, Dream Coach, SomaEnergetics

What gurus, sages and practitioners do you use and recommend for our readers?
Divine Council of Love, consisting of 100% Pure Love & Light Beings, ArchAngels {Michael, Gabriel, Rafiel, Uriel, Metatron}, Ascended Masters, Native Ancestors and Galactic Ethereal Essences. More recommendations available upon consulting Soul assessment and requests that serve the individual needs for each unique expression of Soul Being Human through highest Love intentions.