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Susan M Wright, Beacon Of Life®


Through Beacon Of Life®, Susan “lights the way” to your life in the flow. As an author, an intuitive life coach, an Ordained Metaphysician, and an energy healer, Susan assists clients in tapping into the divine flow of life, connecting with their inner wisdom, and enjoying the journey of life. The people who get the most out of working with Susan are those who know that there must be more to life, and are ready and willing to tap into their unique wisdom and guidance.

Susan’s book, “Putting Down The Paddles: 30 Days to Living in the Flow” is filled with lessons & tools to release stress, find joy, experience forgiveness, and see the perfection of life.

Services via Phone/Email:
Intuitive Life Coaching – helping you navigate unfamiliar territory

Infusion of Love® – an energy healing service to assist quantum transformation, eliminate stress, and assist you to live life more fully

Weekly Wisdom – FREE weekly newsletter with stories to help you see life from a different perspective




City: Pahrump
Country: USA
Telephone: 775-513-0529
Facebook URL:

Your Education/Training :
See the "About Me" page on my website:

What gurus, sages and practitioners do you use and recommend for our readers?
I have studied with many different teachers, and my recommendations differ depending on your needs. For Angel Readings, Danielle Garcia. For Reiki to assist with women's health, The Reiki Gal. For assistance with Book Publishing, Lynne Klippel of Business Building Books.